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CCPA Dean Laura Bronstein

Laura Bronstein

Calling herself "innately collaborative," Dean Bronstein believes that products are better when there is collaboration and input from different people...


Living and learning

Do you have enthusiasm for public service and want to make a difference through your volunteer activities? Consider the new Public Service Learning Community offered by CCPA and Hinman.

CCPA downtown center


JOIN US! Care Management Summit 2014: Achieving Excellence Conference. First of its kind in central New York. Focusing on specialties of care & case management.

Art Cart Logo

May 14, 2014, 7 pm

Help us launch ARTCART an interdisciplinary, intergenerational, interprofessional project that matches teams of advanced students in health, aging and the arts with...More Details

The College of Community and Public Affairs

In Service of Others

The College of Community and Public Affairs (CCPA) prepares our graduates to work with individuals, groups, families, communities and organizations for the public good.

Located in the University Downtown Center in the heart of the city of Binghamton, CCPA puts students, faculty and staff in proximity to the local agencies with which they collaborate.

In CCPA, you'll find a practical way to change the world!

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