Surviving Final Exams

Everyone feels concern, even panic, when the date of an important exam is near. International students who have been at Binghamton University for more than one year offer the following suggestions to help you prepare.

These suggestions will help you be successful.

  1. Preparation - Remember Panic Is not a Tool
  2. Who Can Help You Prepare
  3. Take Care of Yourself
  4. Believe in Yourself

1. Preparation:

  • Now is not the time to PANIC, Now is the time to PREPARE!
  • In class listen for what your professor or Teaching Assistant is talking about and focusing on, especially topics that are returned to again and again
  • Use a schedule. Plan time for study and taking care of yourself
  • Organize the course material – SUMMARIZE

    o   Check Your Syllabus - What are the themes or major ideas of your course

            o   Organize facts, dates, theory and connect each to a theme or major idea

            o   Review class notes, textbooks, papers you wrote

            o   Check in with other classmates and professor or Teaching Assistant – Have you got the right themes identified?

            o   See if you can study with the students who are already successful in this class

                  o  At least ask them questions

2. Who Can Help You Prepare: If you have concerns or questions about your course work, identify your resources for help. Sources of help are:

 q  You are a resource for your self!

  • Believe in yourself – Stay positive

q  Your professors and Teaching Assistants!

  • Continue to ask questions in class
  • Speak up, it is guaranteed that you are not the only one with this question
  • Attend any review sessions
  • Meet with professors and Teaching Assistants during their office hours
  • When you meet with a professor or Teaching Assistant, bring your test papers with you, and review questions that you did not answer correctly
  • Ask if a practice test is available
  • E-mail your questions to professors or Teaching Assistants

q  Use the Discovery Center

  • Join a study group

q  Work with a Tutor

  • Contact the Center for Learning and Teaching
  • Ask if a tutor is still available and work with your tutor

  • Study with other students who are successful in your class

q  Do you need to give a presentation in class?

  • You can receive help preparing for your presentation from the

XCEL Center Presentation Practice Lab

3. Take care of yourself!

q  Schedule Study Breaks

q  Exercise

q  Spend time with Friends

q  Spend time with People who expect you to be successful

q  Try to Relax

q  Eat a meal with friends

q  Recognize your progress in preparing for your exam

4. Believe in Yourself – Stay Positive!


Last Updated: 8/28/14