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On-Campus Employment (Binghamton University Campus Only) For International Students

F-1 Or J-1 Visa Status

This information is for students who are studying in the United States in F-1 or J-1 status. It covers three subject areas: what you need to do to apply for on-campus employment, where to look for a job on-campus and income tax requirements.

F-1 Transfer students please note: F-1 students maintaining lawful status who plan to enroll at a new school for the next academic term may begin on-campus employment no earlier than 30 days prior to the start of classes at the new school, provided that the new school has issued a new form I-20.

J-1 Students please note: J-1 students need to obtain work authorization in writing from their sponsoring agency before beginning any employment, on or off campus.

The federal immigration regulation of on-campus employment only allows for work performed on the Binghamton University campus, including work required by a scholarship, fellowship or assistantship. It may also be work done for an on-campus employer who has a contract to provide services to students including OCCT, Campus Pre-School, Barnes & Noble Bookstore, and Sodexo Dining Services.

You may also work at an off-campus location that is educationally affiliated with Binghamton University. This affiliation must be associated with Binghamton University’s established curriculum or be related to a contractually funded graduate level research project which a program or department at Binghamton University has agreed to perform. Employment at another SUNY school does not comply with the regulations for “On-campus employment.” Come to the ISSS office and check with us to make sure these conditions are met by the position you are considering.

The maximum number of hours per week you may work from all on-campus employment is 20 hours while classes are in session. An example of this is, if you work 15 hours a week as a graduate or teaching assistant then you can only work 5 hours during that week at another on-campus job. You may not work 15 hours one week and then work 25 hours another week in the pay period. You also may not work 40 or more hours during any week but only report it in 20-hour increments. This is a federal regulation, and it is essential that you protect your non-immigrant status by complying with it.

During academic breaks and the summer you can work full-time provided that you intend to register for the next academic semester.

In Order to Apply for On-Campus Employment, International Students Must:

Income Taxes and International Students:

All international students studying in the United States must file a federal and state tax return if you have earned income. This handbook includes information on federal and state income tax rules for F-1 and J-1 students. You can also find additional information on taxes by visiting our web page, Please review this information carefully. We have included examples of the forms you will need to fill out to work on campus. These forms include: a W-4 tax document, an IT-2104 form and an I-9 form which anyone working in the United States fills out for each new job they start.

If you have questions about on-campus employment, please call us at 607-777-2510, or email us at If you prefer, you can set up an appointment with either Karen Keefe-Guzikowski, Associate Director or Shawna Szabo, Assistant Director in International Student and Scholar Services.

Employment at a different university or college is considered off-campus employment. You must apply for and receive authorization from the ISSS before you begin any employment activity at a different university or college.
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Last Updated: 2/12/13