For Parents and Families of New International Students at Binghamton University

A Message from the Dean of Students

This is a quick guide for parents and families as you begin your year with us at Binghamton University. Please share this information with them.

The Dean of Students office is the main information portal for parents. We have a website for parents and provide a monthly e-newsletter (please sign up when you can).

We consult with parents all year long. Questions and concerns cover a myriad of issues—how to help a son or daughter negotiate with professors, find necessary resources, manage deadlines and other academic specifics. We rely on parents to report concerns and their student’s needs to help us address services and resources for your students. And, if we do not have the answer, we work towards getting information to you as soon as possible.

Parents tell us that they have been guided over the years on how to stay involved and manage their student’s academic life. Now, in college, we ask for parent support and involvement to help your son or daughter get resources on their own, thus transferring legal and academic management directly to the student. That does not mean your son or daughter should stop sharing information (our current research indicates that students stay in close contact with their parents). This shift in responsibility, however, can represent a big change for some families, but we are here to guide as needed. It is not unusual for our offices to urge you to have your son or daughter call the university directly or to sign consent release forms so that we may speak with you on specific occasions. See FERPA regulations that guide how universities communicate with parents. You may call or write for information and with your student’s consent, ask more specific information as needed. In case of emergency or urgency, please know that the Dean of Students, University Police, and administrators in Student Affairs will contact you.

Binghamton University has valuable resources and services for you and your student. Whether you are a veteran college parent or new to our university, we welcome contact with you and will work with you as needed. The Dean of Students office can be reached at (607) 777-2804 or at

Please check your son or daughter’s school (Harpur College of Arts and Sciences, Decker School of Nursing, Graduate School of Education, College of Community and Public Affairs, Watson School of Engineering, School of Management, and the Graduate School) website for information directed specifically to parents. Advising services and deadlines are listed as well as ways to support your student in their studies throughout the year.

Below are brief notations related to the start of the Spring semester:

How to pack

For students living on campus, see for listing of Necessities , Useful items, and Things to Leave at home.

If a student is living off campus, we recommend the listing of apartments and review of lease with our Off Campus College staff. We provide consultation to students who are to live or are living off campus

Staying in Tune with campus events and issues for a listing of offices ranging from campus resources, religious organizations, student group information, financial services, and parent resources. for parents of students living on-campus

Parent Handbook

Monthly message for Parents from the Dean of Students events, important dates, and general information about services on campus. Stay apprised of important advising sessions and other events.

Health and Counseling Services for Students

The Decker Student Health Services Center on campus provides primary care of acute illness and injury, health education, women’s health services, travel medicine, immunizations, HIV testing, psychiatric consultation and laboratory services to all registered students.

The Counseling Center provides consultation and guidance to parents. See website for specific information.

Billing and Financial Information

Important dates

International Student Orientation begins Wednesday, January 23, 2013. Residence halls open on the same day for participants in International Student Orientation

First day of classes: January 28, 2013

Course and registration deadlines

Housing deadlines (room changes, sign ups, moving dates)

Please check our website for ways to have your son or daughter stay involved on campus through social and cultural groups, student government (Student Association, and residential life government organizations), sororities and fraternities, and ways to volunteer and get experience on campus.

Have a great year.

Dean of Students Office
Binghamton University

Last Updated: 8/28/14