To make sure you receive your paycheck on time, it is ESSENTIAL that you fill out your I-9 form and present the appropriate documentation. Please bring the following documents IN PERSON to the the Office of Human Resources, 2nd floor of the Couper Administration Building, Room AD-244 as soon as possible after your arrival:

  • your passport
  • Binghamton I-20 or DS-2019 and
  • I-94 card (the I-94 arrival/departure card will be issued to you upon your arrival in the United States.)

If you have questions about any of these documents, please contact
Laura Murphy (607-777-4185) or
John Roma (607-777-3321) or
Bonnie Jenson (607-777-6613) or

The website for the Office of Human Resources has information about required forms, health insurance, benefits, and a printable checklist of required documents:

Please note that having your visa documents processed at the Office of Human Resources is separate from having your visa documents examined, signed and photocopied by International Student and Scholar Services staff. The latter process will happen at International Student Orientation. Essentially, the Office of Human Resources makes such copies for employment purposes, the ISSS makes the copies to comply with U.S. immigration law.

You must complete the mandatory online Ethics Training, part of the Graduate School's Virtual Orientation. Log on now at At this link, you will also find a printable checklist of “things to do” including deadline and contact information. This resource is designed to be accessed even before you arrive in Binghamton.


Here are the deadlines as determined by the Office of Human Resources:

All new students will receive their first paycheck which will be for 5 days on Wednesday, February 13, 2013, as long as they have completed their I-9 forms in the Office of Human Resources, Couper Administration Building Room 244 by 3:00pm Monday, January 28, 2013.


New graduate students who are on Graduate Assistant (GA) or Teaching Assistant (TA) funding are often concerned about when they will receive their first paycheck. Unfortunately, initial paychecks may come later than desirable. This is due to three factors:

  1. Deadlines set by the State of New York offices in Albany, New York for adding someone to the State payroll in order to receive a paycheck on a certain payroll date
  2. U.S. federal requirements that an I-9 form be on file with the employer before someone can be placed on the payroll
  3. The fact that by contractual agreement paychecks are lagged an additional two weeks beyond the actual pay period.

Most academic departments assist in this matter by making sure that all of their student employee appointment information has been transmitted to the Graduate School at the earliest possible date. However, since I-9 forms must be completed in person, and since many new international students sometimes don't arrive until the first day of international student orientation (this semester's starting date is January 28, 2013), this can still cause delays in the receipt of paychecks.


Since as much as a month or more may pass before some of you receive your first paycheck, it is extremely important that you have funds with you to help meet your first month's expenses. The Office of International Student and Scholar Services has an interest-free emergency loan fund, whereby you can borrow up to $300 once classes begin, as long as you pay the funds back no later than six weeks after the loan is obtained.


Since the Research Foundation has a payroll separate from the New York State payroll, with different processing guidelines, there is generally not such a long wait until the first paycheck. However, it is still important for new students with Research Project Assistantships to visit the Research Foundation Payroll Office as quickly as possible after their arrival, to complete the I-9 process. The office is located on the 1st Floor of the ITC Bldg. Shuttle bus service is available across from the Old University Union.


Mandatory student fees are NOT covered by the tuition scholarship, and must be paid each semester by the deadline date established by the Student Accounts Office. The fees for Spring 2013 will be included with your student bill. Please note that this amount includes any international student insurance premium that may also be due, as well.

Spring 2013 payments are due upon registration for courses.

Binghamton University will generate monthly E-bill statements starting in January for those students who have registered for the Spring 2013 semester. This E-bill statement will be sent via your Binghamton University email account (issued around the 1st of the month) with a balance due and a due date if a balance remains from a prior month or if there is new activity on the account.

Payment can be made by mail with a bank draft, money order, or major credit card, by fax with a major credit card, on the internet using a credit card, echeck or wire transfer, or by cash if you appear in person at the Office of Student Accounts. Payment by the established due date is your responsibility.

For more information, visit: You can also email payment related questions directly to Student Accounts at


If you have questions or concerns about your TA/GA/RPA funding or tuition scholarship, please contact your department secretary or the Funding Assistant in the Graduate School office, Couper Administration Building Room 134: 607-777-2239 or

Congratulations on your record of achievement that earned you admission to Binghamton University!

Last Updated: 8/28/14