How to Obtain a Duplicate W-2 Form
If You Worked For a Binghamton University Employer

If you worked for more than one U.S. employer during calendar year 2013, you must wait to file your income tax returns until you have a wage and tax statement (usually a W-2 form, but sometimes a different form) from each employer. Employers mail these forms in late January of each year. Employers automatically submit a copy of each employee’s W-2 to the Internal Revenue Service, and this information is matched to the tax form submitted by the taxpayer for possible discrepancies. If your former employer(s) do not have your current mailing address, you need to contact them and request that the wage and tax statement be sent to you.

Since so many former students may have worked on the State University Payroll, or the SUNY Research Foundation Payroll, or the Sodexo Payroll during all or part of calendar year 2013, we provide information below on how to obtain a duplicate W-2 form.

SUNY Payroll

If a duplicate W-2 form issued from 2013 or prior years is needed, a request form must be filled out. Human Resources is able to issue replacement W-2 forms from current and prior years. However, due to new requirements from the Office of the State Comptroller (OSC), duplicate W-2 forms must be reviewed and approved by OSC before they can be reissued to employees. Employees requesting a duplicate W-2 should fill in the W-2 Reissue Request form found here.

Please allow up to 5 business days before a W-2 can re-issued to you. Human Resources will be happy to mail your reissued W-2 to your current address; please allow additional time for mailing. Contact Allison Gilli at 607-777-2193, or Tom Petersen at 607-777-2122. Questions regarding W-2 replacement policies should be directed to Cheryl Robinson-Boyett at 607-777-2129.

Research Foundation of SUNY

Requests for duplicate W2 forms may be made using this form:

Which is available on our RF-HR/Payroll website under Payroll:

Employees should return the form to the Research Foundation Personnel/Payroll Office by fax or mail. Emailing the form is discouraged since protected identity information appears on the form.


Employees (both former and current) will be able to print their W-2 forms (after the end of the month) using Employee Self Service.   For those without computer access, a duplicate can be requested by phone (number is below).

Employee Self Service (ESS)
Managing Your Personal Information

View and change your personal information, including addresses, phone numbers, dependent information, and emergency contact information.
View basic information stored in your personnel record.


View and change direct deposit information.
View and change your tax withholding (federal, state, and local).
View and print PDF files of annual statements (W2 and/or 1099) and your pay statements.
Receive copies of annual statements and check stubs (earning statements) via your personal email account.


View your accrued vacation, sick, and personal time.

SIGN UP FOR EMPLOYEE SELF SERVICE TODAY -You will need an email account to use ESS.

Log onto > Employee Self Service.
Use the Registration Pass Code: SODEXO-SODEXO (upper case), follow the instructions to create your own user id and password.  Example:  jdoe@sodexo


You have access to a service center to assist you with everything available in ESS.  Contact 1-877-729-7396 Monday through Friday, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm ET and Saturday 8:00 am to 5:00 pm ET.

Last Updated: 8/28/14