Form W-2, Form 1042-S, and Income Tax Withholding When You Are Employed
(For Tax Year 2013)

The W-2 form is also known as a Wage and Tax Statement.  If you were employed in the U.S. for any period of time during 2013, each employer for whom your worked is required to report your earnings to both you and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS).  By law, employers must mail W-2s no later than January 31.  If you worked during 2013, whether off campus or on-campus at Binghamton University or at a previous school and have not received your form W-2 by February 1, contact your former employer right away.  It's possible that they do not have your current address.  You will be required to include a copy of each W-2 form with your federal and state income tax forms.  The IRS computer system will match the income you report with what they have received from the employer.
Different kinds of taxes are withheld by employers.  The W-2 form has boxes for reporting withholding of Federal Income Tax (box 2), Social Security Tax (box 4), Medicare Tax (box 6), State Income Tax (box 17) and local income tax (box 19).  Some individuals who received form W-2 will find that all of these boxes have amounts in them, others will find only some or none of the boxes showing tax withheld. For more information on Social Security and Medicare withholding, click here.

Form 1042-S is used to report income paid to a non-resident regardless of whether the payment is taxable.  The form has a number of purposes.  It can be used to report wages exempt under a tax treaty, wages earned as an independent contractor, royalties, and scholarship or fellowship grants. By law, 1042-S forms must be issued by March 15.  Many international students receive both form 1042-S and form W-2, some students will receive only form W-2.

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Last Updated: 8/28/14