Judaic Studies Faculty and Staff 


Kierstin Luschwitz
Administrative Assistant
Phone: 607-777-3070
Office: LT 1307
Email: klusch@binghamton.edu




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Allan Arkush
Professor of Judaic Studies and History
Ph.D. Brandeis University 
Modern Jewish Intellectual History
Office: LT 1305
Email: aarkush@binghamton.edu


C. Beth Burch
Professor of Judaic Studies
Ph.D. Purdue University
Jewish American Literature
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Dina Danon
Assistant Professor of Judaic Studies
Ph.D. Stanford University 
Sephardi Jewry, Modern Jewish History
Office: LT1410
Email: ddanon@binghamton.edu


Randy L. Friedman, Chair
Associate Professor of Judaic Studies and Comparative Literature and Director, Center for Israel Studies 
Ph.D. Brown University
Philosophy of Religion, American Philosophy, Modern Jewish Thought 
Office: LT 1306
Email: rfriedman@binghamton.edu

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Gina Glasman
MA, Columbia University, MA Jewish Theological Seminary 
Yiddish and Literature
Office: LT 1303
Email: gglasman@binghamton.edu


Lior Libman
Assistant Professor of Israel Studies 
Ph.D. Hebrew University
Modern Hebrew Literature, Israeli Literature, Kibbutz and Socialist-Zionism, Cultural History, Critical Theory 
Office: LT 1315
Email: llibman@binghamton.edu


Shay Rabineau 
Assistant Professor of Israel Studies 
Ph.D. Brandeis University 
History of Modern Israel
Email: rabineau@binghamton.edu


Orly Shoer
Office: LT 1302
Email: oshoer@binghamton.edu


Jonathan Karp, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Associate Professor of Judaic Studies and History

Ph.D. Columbia University 
Jewish Economic and Cultural History, Christian-Jewish Relations 
Office: LT 1411
Email: jkarp@binghamton.edu


Affiliated Faculty 

Bat-Ami Bar On
Professor of Philosophy and Women's Studies
Director of the Institute for Advanced Studies in the Humanities
Ph.D. Ohio State University
Political Violence, Political Theory, Feminist Theory
Office: LT 1202


Dr. Paul-William Burch
Holocaust and Post-Holocaust Literature
Phone: 427-9653
Office: Academic B 130-A
Email: pburch@binghamton.edu


Douglas Jones
Visiting Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
Ph.D. University of Iowa
European Reformation, 16th and 17th Century England, Religious Dissent, Methods in the Study of Religion
Office: LT 1409
Email: dfjones@binghamton.edu


Bryan Kirschen
Assistant Professor of Hispanic Linguistics
Department of Romance Languages and Literatures
Sociolinguistics, Contact Linguistics, Judeo-Spanish and Spanish Linguistics
Office: LT 615


Jonathan Krasno
Associate Professor of Political Science
Ph.D. University of California, Berkeley 
Public Opinion, Congressional Elections, Campaigns and Campaign Financing and Jewish Political Participation


David Fresco

Visiting Lecturer
Ladino Press, Jewish Institutions, Jews of the Ottoman Empire


Liz Rosenberg
Professor of English and Creative Writing


Kent F. Schull
Associate Professor
Ottoman History, Modern Middle East History, Crime & Punishment, Islamic Criminal Law, Muslims in North America & Europe
Office: LT 802
Phone: (607) 777-6202


Last Updated: 4/3/17