Binghamton University’s

Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan (The Road Map) helped us develop our vision that will guide us as we invest in new resources to improve the experiences of students and support faculty/staff through this time of growth. Taken together, the five Strategic Priorities, are imperatives that will guide Binghamton University toward its goal of becoming the premier public university of the 21st century.

While ambitious, the Strategic Priorities are succinct and require elaboration to capture the thoughts and conversations surrounding their purpose. Each Strategic Priority has its own set of goals and measurements that will guide us on the journey.

Strategic Priorities

  • Engage in path-breaking graduate education, research, scholarship and creative activities that shape the world.
  • The premier public university of the 21st century will provide a transformative learning community that prepares students for advanced education, careers and purposeful living.
  • Unite to foster a diverse and inclusive campus culture.
  • Enhance the University's economic, social and cultural impact through engagement from the local to the global level.
  • Optimize the acquisition and allocation of human, technological, financial and physical resources.