Awards and Grants

Distinguished Service Award

To highlight campus professionals who have made invaluable contributions to the campus community and to their profession through exemplary service. Eligible applicants include all Professional Staff Senate Represented Employees from the Research Foundation, M/C and UUP.

  • The two DSA award recipients shall be determined by the end of the Spring Semester each year.
  • Formal recognition will take place at the annual Senate constituency luncheon in the fall and includes a framed certificate and monetary award.
  • The awardees will also be appropriately recognized in Senate and University publications.
  • And, the names of the awardees will be added to the Distinguished Service Award plaque on display in the lobby of the Couper Administration Building.

The initial charge of this committee shall be to create criteria for this award in accordance with the wishes of the Senate. The Distinguished Service Award Committee shall also solicit nominations from the Binghamton University community and select two professionals who have made invaluable contributions to the campus community and to their profession through exemplary service. The selection committee shall be composed of one member from each Division represented in Senate.

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Distinguished Service Award Winners


Rachel Cavalari

Monice DeGennaro      

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Michelle Jones                 

Cindy Olbrys

Betsy Staff


Kerry Cook


Rachel Coker

Holly Horn


Stephen Gowe

Jeffrey Horowitz


Katie Ellis

Bonnie Jenson

Krista Medionte-Phillips


Nancy Boyd-Goff

Jennifer Hapgood


Erik Colon

Alexsandra Silva


Tami Mann 

Oktay Sekercisoy 


Cynthia Altmansberger

Thomas Hanford 


Victor Fiori 

Ryan Yarosh 


Susan Barker

Carol Hall 



Professional Development Grant

Senate Represented Employees to include: Research Foundation, M/C and UUP are eligible to apply for funds to support their efforts of development/growth and or advancement through the Professional Development Grant. However, these funds are limited to one project or activity per award period and are awarded annually. These awards are intended to be in addition to and not dependent upon, any other funding and will be paid on a reimbursement basis. First priority will be to individuals NOT receiving an award in the previous award period. Funds must be used within the time frame established at the time of the award. All awarded funds will be distributed after the activity is completed. Awards will be announced as soon as practical there after. The eligible time period for the grant is the previous calendar year.

The application deadline is April 30, 2016.

Original receipts must be submitted and monies will be reimbursed for the exact amount only not to exceed the amount of the award. However, no award will be paid unless the intended activity comes to a successful completion. Activity, in the case of tuition, means a course or class undertaken, and completed successfully so as to gain course credits or certifications.

The decisions of the request reviewing committee are final on all issues.

Support may be requested for the following:

Examples of Eligible Events/Activities/Items. Only projects or activities from the following categories will be considered:

  • Basic, applied or historical research
  • Curriculum or instructional material development
  • Workshop, seminar, internship or course (not covered by Contract Article 46/SUNY tuition waiver)
  • Conference participation or attendance
  • Preparation of material for publication
  • Grant proposal development
  • Artistic or creative endeavors
  • Professional reading or independent study
  • Other work-related professional development projects or activities
  • Examples of Types of Support
  • Registration fees for conference or workshop
  • Consumable supplies (paper, pens, postage, etc.)
  • Non-consumable supplies (books, software, etc.)
  • Travel and related expenses (includes lodging and meals)
  • Research support (e.g., computer time, network access or support, clerical support)
  • Tuition and course related supplies. The maximum allowance for tuition is the SUNY rate at time of application

No reimbursement will be made for 

  • Expenses funded by departments/organizations/other sources
  • Stipends, compensation, personal expenses, or purchase of equipment
  • Parking or traffic tickets, or fines of any type


These guidelines will be reviewed annually.

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Professional Development Grant  Winners

The Professional Development Grant offers financial reimbursement to campus professionals for professional development, growth, and/or advancement.

Mark Allen
Janine Bautista 
Andrea MacArgel
Alexsa Silva


Mary Jane Sager

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