2015-16 housing for
returning students

2015-16 returning student housing

Initial Login & Group Formation begin October 7th

» Housing Overview

» Rundown of the housing process and priorities

» Answers to the most common questions including:

  • What is break housing and how do I know if I should sign up for it?
  • Do I have to pay a housing deposit? (No — it's waived this year!)
  • What is initial login or group formation?

» Complete guide/instructions to the housing sign up process (pdf)

» See the step-by-step process in our video guides

Dear residents and families,

We realize that our decision to move the process up from next spring to this October surprised a majority of our residents and their families, and we are sympathetic to your concerns. We are here to support everyone throughout the process. We believe that the timeline change is in the best interest of our students. Life on campus and academic success are strongly linked, and in the past students were forced to forgo our spring on-campus process to sign off-campus leases in time. Now, they don't have to.

We hope you'll to read this letter from our Director of Residential Life and University Housing, Suzanne Howell, that shares why the decision was made and details about the support we are providing for residents throughout the process.

Housing for current students

Want a different room for the spring

Wait lists for room changes are on hold during returning student housing sign up process. They will resume Wed., Nov. 5.

Get on a waitlist

 Spring 2015 Cancellations

If you are graduating, transferring, studying abroad or withdrawing please complete a cancellation form before November 21 to avoid being assessed a $200 charge. Cancellation of the University Housing License are only being accepted for the reasons listed above.


Focus On — Faculty Masters

George Catalano, Faculty Master of the Apartment Communities

George D. Catalano

Apartment Communities

Each faculty master has been tasked with developing a "Big Idea" — a theme they're focusing on with their communities for the next three years.

Catalano's "Big Idea" resonates closely with his residents and himself — a community of peace.  "I see three aspects to this," he explains. "Being at peace with yourself, being at peace with others and being at peace with the planet." 

"My impression, after talking to several students, is that they're really searching for a way to give back. They want to make a difference, but with their schedules it's hard for them to come up with ways to do that. I think my role as Master will be shepherding them in this."

Read more about Catalano and his "Big Idea".

Residents' resources

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