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The small-college atmosphere at a larger university!

Why be "just a number" when you can be a part of a thriving community? While living on campus at Binghamton you'll feel that you're at a small college while enjoying the resources of a first-rate university. Our residence halls offer interactive communities with over 2,000 programs each year!

Living and learning

Debates, movie reviews, and field trips — just a few of the ways we make learning fun! Our students are supported in their academic and personal growth by a tenured Faculty Master, dedicated professional staff, and Resident Assistants. Our goal is to provide academic guidance and add to your educational experience, while maintaining and enhancing a real sense of community on campus. We want you to feel at home and our staff will work with you to help you connect with all we have to offer!

Dining during opening

Find out which dining options are open when. Schedules are available for all dining services locations and the MarketPlace specifically.

Housing for current students

Residents who missed online sign ups or off-campus students looking to move on — you can still call campus home!
  • Need a room? Fill out the wait list form and we'll get you in!
  • Anyone who paid a housing deposit (or had it waived) is guaranteed a spot on campus.

Signed up, but want a different room?

  • Go to the area office where you want to live and get on the wait list form there starting April 1.



Focus On — Faculty Masters

George Catalano, Faculty Master of the Apartment Communities

George D. Catalano

Apartment Communities

Each faculty master has been tasked with developing a "Big Idea" — a theme they're focusing on with their communities for the next three years.

Catalano's "Big Idea" resonates closely with his residents and himself — a community of peace.  "I see three aspects to this," he explains. "Being at peace with yourself, being at peace with others and being at peace with the planet." 

"My impression, after talking to several students, is that they're really searching for a way to give back. They want to make a difference, but with their schedules it's hard for them to come up with ways to do that. I think my role as Master will be shepherding them in this."

Read more about Catalano and his "Big Idea".

Hall & Mailbox Assignments

Get your Hall assignment, BUBox and find out who you're living with this fall!

Fall 2014 Housing Assignments and BU Box #

Room Condition Reports

Don't get billed for pre-existing issues in your room. Make a detailed record of your room's condition today! 

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New Student housing

Graduate student housing

Now accepting applications for fall '14 housing. Details are available here. Or fill out our form now to make Hillside your home!

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