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New Fall 2017 Freshmen and Transfer Students

Welcome to Residential Life. We’re glad that you’ll be living with us! Please take the time to review these instructions, and housing sign-up will be a breeze!

Residential Living at Binghamton University offers a wide array of living and learning possibilities. Before beginning the housing sign up process consider the following:

  1. Visit the area web pages to learn about what each of our residential communities has to offer.

    Our residential communities help students connect with friends and have fun while learning. Each community has its own personality. You will want to have several options in mind as you move forward in the room selection process.

    CIW Dickinson | Hinman | Mountainview | Newing | Apartments

  2. Review the Learning Community options and decide if you would like to be a part of one of these communities.

    If you are accepted to a learning community you will need to go into the housing portal to sign the housing license online, but you will not participate in the online room selection process described in this document. Instead your Collegiate Professor will assign you to a room within the Learning Community.

  3. Consider if you would like to take advantage of one of our specialty housing options.

    Decide ahead of time if you want a Specialty Housing option like Chem Free, Quiet Living, Break or Gender Inclusive Housing. Learn more details here.

    If you need to remain on campus at any time during break periods when the residence halls are closed, you must choose to live in Break Housing. This option is recommended for international students, out of state students, and BAP students.  Break housing is available in Windam Hall (Mountainview), Mohawk Hall (College-in-the-Woods), and Delaware Hall (Newing) as well as in Hillside and Susquehanna (Apartments). Please note that freshman are not eligible to live in the apartments.

    If you select a specialty housing option you will need to sign the appropriate specialty housing agreement before you will be permitted to select one of these spaces.

  4. Decide if you are signing up as an individual or with a roommate. If you have a specific person with whom you would like to room, you will need to select each other in the housing portal before selecting your room. Students wishing to live in a triple can select 2 roommates.

Step 1: Read and sign your housing license and begin looking for a roommate.

You are not required to have a roommate.  You can sign up as an individual if you prefer.

Beginning Wednesday, April 5 at 10:00 a.m. students who have been accepted and have paid their enrollment deposit can begin going into the portal to sign the housing license. This can be done at any time, but don’t delay, you will want to do this sooner rather than later as housing sign up appointment times will be based on the date and time of your housing application. Please note that it takes 24-48 hours to process electronic payments of enrollment deposits and for new students to appear in our systems.

Log onto the housing sign-up system using your Binghamton University account username and password.

  • READ and Sign the University Housing License.
  • READ and Sign Specialty Housing Agreements (only if you are interested in any of the specialty housing options) – Gender Inclusive, Break Housing, Chem Free and/or Quiet Living: If you plan to live in one of these spaces, you must sign the agreement for your specialty housing choice. Go here for details on Specialty Housing.
    • If you accept one of these optional agreements (except for Gender Inclusive) and later decide not to sign up for one of these rooms, you do NOT have to rescind your acceptance.
    • If you accept the Gender Inclusive Housing agreement and later opt not to live in Gender Inclusive Housing, email the Office of Residential Life to request the change. Gender Inclusive Housing is offered in pre-designated suites, flats, rooms and apartments on campus. If you choose this option, you will only be able to see Gender Inclusive Housing rooms.
    • Chem Free rooms are available in ALL of our communities
    • Quiet Living is on the third floor of Lehman Hall in Hinman College. All of Susquehanna is a quiet living community.
    • Those needing Break Housing must select rooms in Delaware (Newing), Mohawk (CIW) or Windham (Mountainview). Transfer students in need of break housing may also choose Hillside or Susquehanna.

Important things to note before moving to Step 2:

After you sign the housing license you will receive an email to your BU email address with your assigned appointment time for choosing your room.  You should expect to receive this email the week of May 15.  Appointment times cannot be changed. Don't worry if you are unable to select a room during your assigned timeslot - you may sign-up anytime thereafter.

You must read and sign the housing license and any applicable specialty housing agreements, and choose your roommate (if you opt to sign up with a roommate) by midnight on May 14th.

You can make ONLY ONE selection during the process. Once your room selection is made, the process is complete. Thereafter, you will NOT be able to make any changes to your room assignment until the room change process begins at the start of the fall semester.

new students sign up now

Step 2: Select your room

  • Beginning Mid-May
  • In this step you will actually select your room. Before you begin this step you must complete Step 1 by midnight May 14th.
  • You will not be able to select a room prior to your assigned time slot.
  • If you experience difficulties call Residential Life immediately at 607-777-2028 or 607-777-2322.


Important things to keep in mind.


  • Freshman are required to live on campus. Exceptions to this policy can be found in the housing license.
  • Transfer students who have selected a room and wish to cancel must do so within 14 calendar days of choosing a room until August 18, 2017. Request to cancel after the 14-day deadline and/or August 18, 2017 (whichever comes first) will be denied if you are enrolled at Binghamton for the 2017-2018 school year and you will be required to pay the entire room charge for the fall and spring semesters.
  • Please email cancellation requests to


Throughout the housing process, communication will be sent exclusively through YOUR B-MAIL. Please check your B-mail often for updates and information pertaining to the process.

Housing Rates

Housing rates vary by building and room type. Before selecting your room, please check our housing rates.

Feeling Confused?

Watch our videos about how to sign up for housing (above).

Sign-up Difficulties?

Call Residential Life immediately at 607-777-2028 or 607-777-2322. If calling after hours or emailing, give your name, phone # and description of the problem.

Last Updated: 4/20/17