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Students considering coming to the SSIE department have the opportunity to speak with current students from various countries to ask questions and hear about their experiences of the program. You can meet the 2014-2015 Ambassadors here.

Systems Science and Industrial Engineering 
at Binghamton

We're all about people, equipment and materials — and how they work in industry and everyday life. Some people like to take machines apart to learn how they work. The struggle can be how to put them back together working better than they did before.
That's what we do, but we look at much more than machine parts. We study complex systems in industry and manufacturing settings, healthcare environments and society in general. We look at intelligent systems, supply chain management and human factors. Whether it's statistical modeling or decision making, modeling or fuzzy logic . . . we've got it covered.

We make systems, things and people work smarter and better.


Manhattan SSIE Class

What is industrial engineering?

ISE’s major leaguer, Scott Diamond

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Last Updated: 9/22/15