What is SensusAccess?

SensusAccess is an online document conversion system that transforms text and image-based file types into different formats. Students, staff and faculty can upload files through a web interface and select from a variety of output options, including audio, Braille, or e-text formats. The service can convert text files into alternate format types as well as convert image-based files into text formatted files.

Use SensusAccess services for:

  • Accessibility conversions: Image and PDF files can be converted to more accessible formats (tagged PDFs, Word documents, HTML, etc.)
  • Braille services: Documents can be converted to and from contracted and uncontracted Braille. The documents can be formatted and paginated, and delivered as ready-to-emboss files in a variety of digital Braille formats.
  • Audio services: Files can be converted into plain MP3 files as well as DAISY books, including those with spoken math. MP3 audio versions are created using high-quality, customizable computer generated text-to-speech voices.
  • E-book services: Documents can be converted into EPUB, EPUB3, EPUB3 with media overlays and Mobi Pocket (Amazon Kindle) e-book formats.

Benefits & Examples

All students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to use SensusAccess when creating or reformatting educational or informational documents. Here are a few examples of how SensusAccess can be used:

  • Individuals with alternate format accommodations can convert documents on their own, any time of day.
  • Struggling to get through readings? Convert documents to audio files and listen as you read along.
  • Instructors can create an accessible version of course readings formatted as scanned articles or PDFs, using SensusAccess. Learn more about PDF accessibility principles.


The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code) governs the making of photocopies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. The person using this equipment is liable for any infringement.


  • Poor quality readings (marked up, very grainy, scanned crooked), will most likely result in poor quality conversions.
  • Make sure the file you wish to convert is saved on your computer prior to uploading into SensusAccess.
  • Conversion generally takes 15-20 minutes, depending on file size and quality.
  • Languages supported by SensusAccess are represented by the country flags included in the document conversion box.

Convert a document

Convert a Document