Binghamton by the Book

To Binghamton University Colleagues:

This past year, I worked on a project to help our community visualize the changes that have taken place at Binghamton University over the past decade. The idea came from a faculty member, Howard Brown, who, while on his American Council on Education (ACE) fellowship, observed firsthand how universities told their stories in numbers and pictures. Thus, he led us in developing the graphs for what we are calling “Binghamton by the Book.”

Image: Thomas Holland
Harvey Stenger, President

Collecting this data was difficult, as not all the numbers are readily available and many needed to be verified to ensure accuracy. As we approached the final product, we also realized that the more we dug, the more we found was needed. We know that this “book” could contain much more than it does, but we thought it best to issue the information as it is now, with plans to provide updates in the future.

We began this project by assembling data for a 10-year period. A decade provides enough time to see changes that require time to become noteworthy. The past decade is also bookended by the change in campus leadership and our response to the pandemic.

I hope you find what is presented here informative and useful. I also look forward to your feedback as the need for future updates arises.

Harvey Stenger, President