General Education

Convinced that there are several areas of knowledge and experience that ought to be central to the academic experience of every undergraduate student, Binghamton University has adopted a comprehensive General Education curriculum. This curriculum has broad goals. It is intended to help students develop:

  • an appreciation of and capacity for effective personal expression;
  • knowledge about various intellectual traditions;
  • an understanding of and respect for different peoples and civilizations;
  • knowledge of and appreciation for the natural world, achieved through active engagement with the methods and philosophy of natural science;
  • logical thinking, balanced skepticism, and tolerance for ambiguity and uncertainty;
  • a knowledge of and appreciation for the arts and creative expression;
  • skills needed to locate, evaluate, and synthesize information from a variety of sources;
  • skills needed to understand and use basic research techniques
  • skills needed to perform the basic operations of personal computer use.

Students must fulfill requirements in the following categories:

  • Language and Communication
    • Composition (C) and Oral Communication (O) or Joint Composition/Oral Communication (J)
    • Foreign Language (FL1, FL2, FL3)
  • Creating a Global Vision
    • Global Interdependencies (G)
    • Pluralism in the United States (P)
  • Liberal Arts
    • Aesthetics (A)
    • Humanities (H)
    • Laboratory Sciences (L)
    • Social Sciences (N)
    • Mathematics (M)
  • Physical Activity/Wellness
    • Combination of Physical Activity (Y), Wellness (S), or Both Physical Activity/Wellness (B)

General Education Requirements

For more information on the General Education requirements, please go to the Requirements page.

For a list of courses meeting General Education requirements offered for a specific semester, please visit the Schedule of Classes.

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