Oral Communication

Required Student Learning Outcomes

Students will:

  • demonstrate coherent college-level communication (oral) that informs, persuades, or otherwise engages with an audience;
  • evaluate communication for substance, bias, and intended effect; and
  • demonstrate the ability to revise and improve oral communication.
  • require that each student give at least 2 presentations.
  • base at least 15% of the course grade on oral presentations, including critiques of such presentations and other listening skills.
  • provide ample opportunity for students to critique presentations, based on criteria such as: rapport with audience; voice, projection, and audibility; clarity of purpose; originality of ideas; organization; persuasiveness of evidence; and ability to respond to questions.
  • provide as much opportunity as possible for students to improve their oral presentations in response to feedback.
  • should emphasize listening as well as speaking skills.
  • Courses should be limited to 25 students, but additional can be requested.
  • Courses assignments must be in English.
  • Online courses can only have one recorded presentation to count for the required 2.
Sample Rubrics from AAC&U

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