BOLD Leadership Council

To increase its outreach to Bearcats of the Last Decade (BOLD) graduates, the Alumni Association launched the BOLD Leadership Council. This group of engaged alumni partners closely with staff in the Office of Alumni Engagement on programming, communications and outreach to young alumni and current students. The council's work takes place in standing committees described below.

  • Career and Mentoring Committee

    This committee will work with the Office of Alumni Engagement staff to enhance and develop programs that meet the needs our alumni have for career development assistance. Committee members will:

    • Provide mechanisms to make sure BOLD alumni feel supported in their career and professional development within their first 10 years after graduation.
    • Facilitate conversations and engage BOLD alumni at the start of their careers.
    • Bring relevant career and professional development topics, series and events to BOLD alumni, using existing resources and proposing new ones for consideration.
    • Engage BOLD alumni to serve as speakers and mentors, facilitating peer-to-peer engagement and lifelong connections to Binghamton.
  • Social and Networking Committee

    This committee will work with the Office of Alumni Engagement staff to connect BOLD alumni with each other and with the University. Committee members will:

    • Host fun virtual activities to continue meaningful social connections and engagement with BOLD alumni in our new virtual world.
    • Engage more BOLD alumni in existing social and networking events.
    • Use social media strategies and channels to market new virtual programs (e.g., Green Machine).
  • 10 Under 10 Committee

    This committee helps the alumni office recognize outstanding young alumni from the past decade and reinforces BOLD alumni engagement with Binghamton University. Committee members will:

    • Design an innovative, engaging "10 Under 10" awards ceremony to honor distinguished BOLD alumni.
    • Create nomination and selection criteria to ensure high-caliber nominees.
    • Plan and execute the first ceremony in Binghamton.
    • Develop a repeatable operating model for the awards program.