Alumni Connect – SEPTEMBER 2019

HomecomingThe biggest party in Bing Homecoming 2019

Celebrate fall, Upstate NY's most beautiful season, on campus at Homecoming! Come back Friday−Sunday, Sept. 20−22 for a celebration unlike any other. Experience our first-ever block party downtown as we kick off a weekend of Bing pride. Then enjoy a few of the 92 events we're planning, including anniversary celebrations for the School of Management, Decker College of Nursing and Health Sciences and Harpur College!

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Binghamton blogHow Binghamton improved over the summer

If you're coming back to campus for Homecoming you'll see the big changes made all over campus. Binghamton has a fresher look, and there are still some projects underway. See the full list of changes coming to Binghamton over the next year!

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Legacy familySharing the Binghamton University bond

Brooke Holmberg ’23 was no stranger to Binghamton University before she started freshman year just a few weeks ago. She grew up less than a mile from campus and both her parents — Eric ’99 and Jennifer ’06 Holmberg — are alumni. Brooke is part of a special group of legacy students; in fact, she’s one of nearly 200 freshmen with a parent, aunt, uncle or grandparent who graduated from the University.

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Haeyong Moon '99Alumna documents bygone era of moviegoing

If you remember seeing movies in ornate theaters and don’t care for today’s cookie-cutter structures, you’re probably like the people Haeyong Moon ’99 interviewed for Broadway Treasures. Her documentary recounts when going to a movie in Los Angeles was worthy of getting dressed up for, and she tells what has happened to the historic downtown theaters now that they no longer serve their original purpose.

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John Copoulos '73Alumnus wants to inspire love of art

John Copoulos ’73 credits his time at Binghamton and instructors including Ferdinand “Fred” DeVito for fostering his lifelong love of art. DeVito advised Copoulos and other students to get a steady job because there was no money to be made as a painter. Copoulos took the advice and made his art while working as a legal secretary in the San Francisco area. Now retired, Copoulos gives to Binghamton in a way he hopes will increase students' appreciation for art.

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Center for the Study of the 1960s

All you need is love

For Stephen McKiernan ’70, the initiative to create the Center for the Study of the 1960s did not happen overnight. He has been deeply connected his entire life with the decade he grew up in, and this connection includes trying to better understand his generation, the personalities that helped shape those times, who he is and why he needs to know more about his growing-up years.

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