FAQ Regarding Bmail Accounts

Why is Bmail Google Drive going away for alumni?
When Binghamton started being able to provide email accounts for alumni, Google Drives became a perk via Google. However, Google has changed its policy and significantly limited the amount of space the University receives. To provide for current faculty, staff and students, the University must remove the space being used by alumni. 

Is my Binghamton email account being deleted?
No. You'll continue to have access to your Binghamton University email, calendar and contacts.  

I'm a Binghamton graduate and I'm also a current student, faculty member or staff member. Is my Bmail Google Drive going away?
No. Currently enrolled students, including those who have paid their deposit, along with current faculty and staff will continue to have access to their Bmail Google Drive.

I have data in Google Drive that I need. How do I save it?
If you have data in Google Drive, Groups, Photos or other non-email related tools, you must export them to your computer using Google Takeout. If you encounter any issues when using Google Takeout, email the Information Technology Services (ITS) Help Desk at helpdesk@binghamton.edu

Can I transfer my Google Drive data to my personal Gmail account?
You can transfer your documents to a personal Google account (Gmail). Here are the instructions for transferring. Please be aware the process transfers not only your files in My Drive, but also files that have been shared with you. This can quickly fill a Gmail account with only 15 GB of storage. Some files will not transfer and will be listed as errors. Those files need to be downloaded with Google Takeout. If you encounter issues when transferring documents, email the ITS Help Desk at helpdesk@binghamton.edu.

When will I lose access to Bmail Google Drive? 
Alumni will permanently lose access to Google Drive, Groups, Photos and other non-email related tools associated with their Binghamton email address on Monday, July 18, 2022. All data stored by those services will be deleted at that time and will be unrecoverable. You will continue to have access to your Binghamton email, calendar and contacts.

I don’t have time to transfer my data now. Can I get an extension past the July 18 deadline?
Unfortunately, no. The deadline is set by Google, not by Binghamton University.   

Why is two-step verification being required on my Binghamton email account?
Google two-step verification is an added layer of security for Google-based email addresses and services — including Binghamton University Bmail addresses — that significantly helps prohibit unauthorized people from accessing a Binghamton email account. Even if someone has your Bmail password, they won’t be able to log in to your email account because they won’t have your Google two-step device, such as a cell phone.

I'm receiving an error message regarding two-step verification when I try to log into my Binghamton email. What should I do now?
If you are able to log into your Binghamton email on your phone, you may be able to go to the "Manage Your Google Account" menu on your phone to enroll in two-step verification. If you are not able to do this, you will need to reclaim your email account by calling ITS at 607-777-6420, from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. EDT, Monday through Friday. ITS can provide you with a token that allows you to update your settings and set up two-factor authentication on your Binghamton email account. 

How do I reset the password for my Binghamton email account?
Alumni can reset the password by logging into B-connected, the online alumni directory. After logging in, click on the Binghamton email link in the green menu bar on the left, then click the Set/Reset Password button.   

I do not use my Binghamton email account anymore. Do I need to take any action?
Let us know by emailing alumni@binghamton.edu. Include your name, class year and your Binghamton email account (e.g., baxter@binghamton.edu). This will help us clean up accounts that aren’t being used.

I already transferred or do not need my Google Drive data. Do I need to let the University know?
If you have already transferred your Google Drive data, let us know by emailing alumni@binghamton.edu. Include your name, class year and your Binghamton email account (e.g., baxter@binghamton.edu). We will note you as complete so you will not continue to receive reminders from us. 

My question or concern hasn’t been covered here. Whom do I contact?
If you have a question or concern not addressed above, email alumni@binghamton.edu.