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We recommend that students who wish to major in biochemistry follow this schedule when choosing their courses. If you need to make modifications to the recommended schedule, please see an advisor.

Most junior-level classes require you to have declared your major in order to register. You will need to declare your major prior to the opening of registration so that you have no delays in registering for classes. See below for how to declare.

Before becoming a biochemistry major, we suggest that you speak to a peer advisor. Contact Richelle Fassler ( or Kelly Sisson ( for an appointment. A peer advisor will be able to answer most of the questions you have about which classes to take, and when to take them. Students are the best resource simply because they have more firsthand knowledge of the rest of the university than faculty.

For advising from a staff or faculty member, you may speak with one of the advisors listed below.

Freshmen and transfer students may also wish to read The Scholar's Guide to Binghamton University (pdf, 375KB) by Daniel Winegard. This is a general guide that will point you to resources that are available to you as well as different activities that can enrich your Binghamton University experience.

To Declare the Biochemistry Major

If you wish to declare your major, please complete this form and bring it to an advisor during their office hours.

Biochemistry advising office hours

 Prof. Susan Bane, Director of the Biochemistry Program

  • Office hours: Tuesdays 3:30 - 5:30 PM in the Smart Energy Research and Development Facility Rm. 1018
  • Office hours are subject to change. Updated office hours will be posted here.
  • Email:

Saptarshi Ghosh, Assistant to the Director of the Biochemistry Program

  • Office hours: Available by appointment in the Smart Energy Research and Development Facility Rm. 1008 (Please ring doorbell if access to room is locked)
  • Available via email
  • Email:

Useful Forms

Last Updated: 8/30/18