Faculty Profile

headshot of Robert G. Van Buskirk

Robert G. Van Buskirk


Biological Sciences


Van Buskirk's lab focuses on cell stress pathways (see website for diagram). This central theme has been the core that drives both their basic and applied (translational) research. In the latter case they have developed new laboratory equipment and associated devices with large biotech companies so that real time cell stress physiology can be monitored. Their work with a variety of small startup biotech companies in the last 20 years has resulted in the development of a human-engineered skin used primarily for cell stress toxicity testing and solutions used for shipping and storing human stem cells used in cell therapy applications. Van Buskirk's lab is also interested in developing new medical devices that capitalize on their cell stress research. For basic research, they study how agents such as Vitamin D3 can be used to make cancer cryoablation more effective. Current work also focuses on cell stress pathways such as the UPR, MPTP, apoptosis, and AKT cascades. Their laboratory research is supported primarily by the National Institutes of Health while NYSTEM supports their new stem cell course initiatives.


  • PhD, Harvard University
  • MAT, BA, University of Vermont

Research Interests

  • Cell Stress Pathways
  • Stem Cell Therapy and Tissue Engineering
  • Medical Device Development

Research Profile