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Binghamton University - Center for Autonomous Solar Power

The Center for Autonomous Solar Power (CASP)

CASP is a federally funded research center that conducts research in thin film solar cells including copper zinc tin sulfide (CZTS) for low cost solar energy. The goal is to fabricate low cost solar cells using roll-to-roll process using the Center for Advanced Microelectronics Manufacturing(CAMM) at Binghamton University. The CASP also conducts research in electrochemical energy storage through ultracapacitors (supercapacitors) for energy storage of solar energy. The thin film capabilities of CASP also include transparent conductors essential to thin film display and solar cells. Electrode materials include graphene, nanotubes and nanofibers structured layers. Nanostructured materials also include thermoelectric materials useful for harvesting waste heat. Faculty from Physics, Chemistry and Material Science and Engineering contribute to programs in solar energy and solar cells. The center collaborates with industry in depositing and testing thin films and other material related to solar energy and energy storage.

CASP is part of Center of Excellence at Binghamton, the Small Scale Intergration and Packaging (S3IP).

CASP has two major Goals:

  • Develop its own technology, which can then be licensed to local firms.
  • Help solar companies in Greater Binghamton become competitive


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5/5/2016- NEW! Article published by CASP Interim Director, Tara Dhakal     Getting more energy from the sun: how to make better solar cells

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