News Story: Law Schools Fair 2022

A bright and inquisitive atmosphere was taking hold in the Mandela Room on Wednesday Oct. 12, where representatives from 35 different law schools mingled with nearly 200 students.

In a joint effort between Fleishman Center and Harpur Pre-Law Advising, the Law Schools Fair was an opportunity for students considering law school to network and learn about some of their options. Recruiters from ABA-approved law schools across the country spoke with motivated students about programs, admissions requirements, and what makes their schools unique.

Those who had their eye on law school for a while came clad in formal dress and armed with resumes, networking with their choice law schools. Others wandered in when their schedule allowed, having more casual conversations with recruiters and gathering information on the ins and outs of law school. The nature of the fair, which was more relaxed than the bustle of the Job and Internship Fair back in September, was perfect for students who were only starting to explore law schools as an option or were still early in their planning process. 

For Eveonni Tordesillas, a senior majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Law, the Law School fair helped her get a feel for different schools to fit her dream job. 

“For as long as I can remember, working in the legal field has been something that my family always encouraged because it is a respectable, vital career in society,” she said. “I want to rebuild trust within the justice system and be something that people can look up to. Attending the Law School Fair will bring me one step closer to that dream.”

The Fair was preceded by a networking breakfast, where students had the chance to chat with law school representatives over complimentary eggs, meats, fruits and an assortment of pastries. Discussion circled around the different programs each school offered to fit a variety of students’ goals and interests. This optional networking breakfast served as a more intimate and formal opportunity to have personal chats with these recruiters. 

The process of applying to law school is a lengthy and challenging process. Events like the Law School Fair give students a leg up when preparing their applications. Connecting with representatives allows students to grow their network and learn more about what each school is looking for in a potential student. When going to apply, students can move forward with more focus, intent and confidence. 

Applying to law school is a very personalized experience, and everyone looking to go to law school will find themselves on a different path. Though it is an arduous process, it is important to make sure it is what you truly want, and that you give yourself credit for the hard work it takes to get there. 

“In a particularly meaningful conversation that I held with one admissions counselor, he told me that it is impertinent to not compare yourself to others while applying to different schools or while in law school,” Tordesillas recalled. “Applying to law school and getting accepted into some schools speaks for your ability and skill. Also, if you do not focus on the feelings of others around you, you are left with a more meaningful, enjoyable experience.”

It is also only to your benefit to take your time when preparing for law school, whether you’re studying for the LSAT or sending out applications. Making sure you have the time, energy, and financial stability to put your best foot forward is important above all else.

“Getting into law school is not a race and should be done when you're ready — no matter the age,” Tordesillas advises. “Personally, I plan on taking a gap year after undergrad because I would like to take some time to work a professional job and become more financially stable. I learned at the Law Fair that the average age for many schools' first year applicants is 25! Therefore, enjoy your life and work at your own pace, as that will pay off most in the long run!”

The Fleishman Center and Harpur Pre-Law Advising are also available to support pre-law students after the fair as they maintain their new connections and prepare to apply to law school. Students are encouraged to attend the next Law School Fair in Fall 2023. 

Learn more about support for students seeking further education on the Fleishman Center website.

By Erin Zipman