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claudia   Cláudia N.H. Marques, PhD in Microbiology 

   Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences

  Office: BI-2403


 Phone: 607-777-5755




Research interests: In my research laboratory we are involved in studying persister cell sub-populations, interactions between bacteria, and host-microbe interactions. Our primary goal is to advance our knowledge of the bacterial behavior during infections and to better understand how to control biofilms during an infection. 

Biofilm focus: Since my lab's inception, we have been investigating a mechanism to awaken persister cells and revert them from a tolerant/dormant state to an awakened state. We are also investigating the ability of persister cells to induce an immune response in THP-1 macrophages, and their pathogenicity in A. thaliana and C. elegans.  We also have two interdisciplinary projects with Guy German in biomedical engineering and Scott Craver in electrical and computer engineering. We are investigating bacterial localization and the role of quorum sensing during the development of Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa dual-species biofilms when cultured in abiotic and biotic surfaces. We are also establishing the effects of lipid depletion in human stratum corneum on the ability of S. aureus bacteria to cause atopic dermatitis. 

Last Updated: 6/14/17