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   Paul Chiarot, PhD in Mechanical Engineering

   Assistant Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering

   Office: ES-1319


   Phone: 607-777-3208




Research interests: Paul Chiarot’s research incorporates multiphase flows, interfacial science, microfluidics, and biotechnology. His team uses continuous flow microfluidics to build highly-customizable emulsions with controllable interfacial properties, morphology, and internal contents. In addition, microfluidic technology is used to build bacterial flow cells that provide a controlled environment for growth. The Chiarot group also uses electrospray technology to print solution-processed nanomaterials with defined microstructure at multiple length scales.

Biofilm focus: Chiarot collaborates with  Jeffrey Schertzer, a core member of the BBRC. Together, they are creating new microfluidic technologies to investigate: (1) bacterial outer membrane vesicle formation and their role in biofilm development and (2) the role of shear stress and environment on biofilm maturation. Bacterial biofilms are ubiquitous in nature and have a large impact on human health and industry. It is imperative to understand the processes that build and maintain biofilm structure so that they can be exploited to control biofilm development.

Last Updated: 6/14/17