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headshot of Pong-Yu (Peter) Huang

Pong-Yu (Peter) Huang

Associate Professor; Undergraduate Director

Mechanical Engineering


Dr. Huang received his BA in physics from Cornell University, and his MS and PhD degrees in engineering from Brown University. He received postdoctoral research training at the Biomedical Engineering Department at Tufts University, working on projects of light scattering diagnostic techniques and flow cytometry for diseased tissues and cancerous cells. He has authored numerous research articles and book chapters on image-based velocimetry techniques and nanoscale transport phenomena. His current research interests encompass the field of micro- and nanofluidics, including optical sensing techniques, micro- and nanoscale mass transport, lab-on-a-chip systems for biomedical applications, biologically-inspired microfluidic technologies, adhesion dynamics of cancerous cells and optical manipulations of microorganisms. Dr. Huang is a member of the ASME, the APS and the OSA, and was the topic organizer for the Microfluidics Forum at the ASME IMECE 2009-2011.

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  • BA, Cornell University
  • MS, PhD, Brown University

Research Interests

  • Microfluidics
  • transport phenomena
  • optical diagnostics
  • computational modeling