Center for Israel Studies (CIS)

The Center for Israel Studies Mission Statement

The Center for Israel Studies hosts three core, and a range of affiliated faculty who carry out rigorous and interdisciplinary scholarship on various aspects of Israel and Palestine and apply it to undergraduate education. Recognizing the value of complex questions, we emphasize critical thinking and perspectives on topics including Zionism, Israel, and Palestine. We do so in an independent and non-partisan scholarly space, which does not engage in advocacy. 

About the CIS: The Center for Israel Studies (established in 2015) was created with over $500,000 in grant support provided by the Israel Institute (Washington, D.C.).
We offer six parent Israel Studies courses each semester, and crosslist with many other within our department, and with other Harpur College departments.  Each year, we engage over 400 students.
Our Department also offers a minor in Israel Studies.