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headshot of Alistair J. Lees

Alistair J. Lees

Professor; Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs

Chemistry; Academic Affairs, Office of the Executive VP and Provost


Alistair Lees' Research interests are in organometallic photochemistry with an emphasis on transition-metal photophysics and photoreactivity. He seeks to learn more about the nature and reactivity of electronically excited states and then apply this knowledge to a variety of new directions and applications, including host guest chemistry and new anion sensors. His team has recently discovered a system that accurately and selectively detects sulfites below 1 ppm in wines and ciders.


  • BSc, PhD, DSc, University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England

Research Interests

  • Organometallic photochemistry
  • transition-metal photophysics
  • photoreactivity


  • Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Teaching

  • 2013-2014; University Award for Excellence in Research
  • 2001-2002

Research Profile