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Tina Chronopoulos

Tina Chronopoulos

Associate Professor of Classics and Medieval Studies

PhD, University of London

Office:  LT 515

Phone:  607.777.6709


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  Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies


Interests and Background

My research focuses on medieval Latin literature written during the 11th-12th centuries. Besides my engagement with hagiography, I am particularly interested in what happened to Classical authors in the Middle Ages, who read them and why. I wrote my doctoral thesis on the Latin Passion of St Katherine of Alexandria (BHL 1663), collecting all available information about the manuscripts and St Katherine's cult in order to date and locate its composition.






Journal Articles

  • 'The debate between Hebe and Ganymede in light of its sources and manuscript context, Archivum Latinitatis Medii Aevi 71 (2018), 218-43.
  • 'Ganymede in the medieval classroom: reading an Ode by the Roman poet Horace', Medium Aevum 86.2 (2017), 224-48.
  • 'The Ethics of Horace: a twelfth-century schoolroom commentary on Horace's Odes', Viator 46.3 (2015), 61-94.
  • 'The date and place of composition of the Passion of St Katherine of Alexandria (BHL 1663), Analecta Bollandiana 130 (2012), 40-88.
  • 'Brief lives of Sidonius, Symmachus, and Fulgentius written in 12th-cent. England?, Journal of Medieval Latin 20 (2010), 232-91.


Essay in edited collection

  • 'Reading Sidonius in the medieval period', in Prolegomena to Sidonius Apollinaris, ed. G. Kelly and J. van der Waarden, Peeters' Late Antique History and Religion series, forthcoming in 2019.


Reviews & encyclopedia entries

  • Review of Karsten Friis-Jensen, Karin Margareta Fredborg et al. (ed.), 'The Medieval Horace', Analecta Romana Instituti Danici - Supplementum 46 (2015), for

    Bryn Mawr Classical Review, 2016.05.36

  • Review of Juanita Feros Ruys, John O. Ward, Melanie Heyworth (ed.), 'The Classics in the Medieval and Renaissance Classroom: The Role of Ancient Texts in the Arts Curriculum as Revealed by Surviving Manuscripts and Early Printed Books' (2013), for Bryn Mawr Classical Review, 2014.03.32

  • Review of N. Holzberg, 'Horaz: Dichter und Werk' (2009), for Bryn Mawr Classical Review, 2010.03.14
  • Review of H. Waddell, 'Mediaeval Latin Lyrics, w. an introduction by J. Scattergood' (2008), for The Medieval Review, 2010.02.18
  • Review of C.M. Chin, 'Grammar and Christianity in the Late Roman World' (2008), for The Catholic Historical Review 95.4 (2009), 781-782.
  • Review of C. Walsh, 'The cult of St Katherine of Alexandria in Early Medieval Europe' (2007), for Early Medieval Europe 17.2 (2009), 231-32.
  • Entries on Aimon of Fleury, Alberic of Aix-La-Chapelle, Alphanus, Gennadius I, Hugh of Fleury, John of Alta Silva, Peter the Deacon, Saint-Quentin, Stephen of Rouen, and Vegius, for The Oxford Dictionary of the Middle Ages, ed. Robert E. Bjork (2010).


Recent or Current Undergraduate Courses

  • Advanced Latin: Horace's Odes/Catullus' Poems (LAT 381H)
  • Advanced Latin: Vergil's Eclogues (LAT 381V)
  • America and Classical Antiquity: uses and abuses of the past (CLAS 381C)
  • Ancient Marginality Seminar (CLAS 489C)
  • Beginning Ancient Greek I (GRK 101)
  • Beginning Ancient Greek II (GRK 102)
  • Elementary Latin I (LAT 101)
  • Elementary Latin II (LAT 102)
  • Eternal Cities: Rome and Pompeii (CLAS 280E)
  • Greek and Roman Biography (CLAS 212)
  • Intermediate Latin (LAT 203)
  • Introduction to Medieval and Early Modern Studies (MDVL 101)
  • Saints and Sinners (CLAS 381S)


Recent or Current Graduate Courses

  • History of the Book: from parchment to the printing press (MDVL 560A)
  • Medieval Latin Literature (MDVL 561i)


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