BINGHAMTON, NY – The Harpur Cinema, Spring 2012 season at Binghamton University will feature recent films such as Kelly Reichardt’s Meek’s Cut-off, Alain Resnais’s Wild Grass and Johnny To’s Vengeance.

The series, titled “What’s New?” is scheduled for 7:30 p.m. on Fridays and Sundays in Lecture Hall 6, and includes releases representing American and international cinema.  The schedule includes:

4/13 & 4/15:            Meek’s Cut-off (United States, 2010) Kelly Reichardt, 104 min. 
O Pioneers!  The western genre may occasionally fade away from the screen, but it never completely disappears as is evident in this bleak but intense saga of trust and betrayal by Kelly Reichardt (Wendy and Lucy).   The vast spaces of the American prairie are as likely to manifest terror and paranoia, as they are to lead to the ‘promised land’ as the band of settlers discovers in their harrowing trek. Michelle Williams (My Week With Marilyn) stands out here for her decidedly unglamorous but riveting portrayal of the woman fighting for survival.  The film has won a SIGNIS award and in 2010, was nominated for a Golden Lion award.
Introduced by Professor Joyce Jesionowski, Friday, 4/13. 

4/20 & 4/22:            Wild Grass (France, 2009) Alain Resnais, 104 min.
In the past few years, cinema has lost Nouvelle Vague directors Claude Chabrol and Eric Rohmer, but in Wild Grass, Alain Resnais shows that he is not only still with us, but has lost none of the sly and elegant rigor of early films like Last Year at Marienbad and Muriel. The premise of Wild Grass is simple, even romantic:  her (Sabine Azéma) purse is stolen; he (Andre Dusollier) finds it; a chance encounter with much potential.  But these meeting are never that simple. Not in life and certainly not in the films of Alain Resnais, at 88 still making cinema playful and perplexing as ever.  The film won a special jury prize at the Cannes Film Festival in 2009, and was nominated for a Palme d’or award.
Introduced by Professor Vincent Grenier, Friday, 4/20.

4/27 & 4/29:            Vengeance (Hong Kong-France, 2009), Johnny To, 108 min.
Two legendary Johnnys meet: Johnny To, star director of the Hong Kong New Wave, and Johnny Hallyday, the “French Elvis Presley.” Costello (Hallyday) is French hit man determined to avenge the death of his daughter’s family (Sylvie Testud), but he’s not on home ground and his attempt to navigate the landscape of Hong Kong assassins takes him to the extreme limit of his resources—both physical and mental.  To’s high-energy style is remarkably elegant and beautiful bringing an unexpected poignancy to a hard-hitting action film. Nominated for a Palme d’or award in 2009.
Introduced by Professor Brian Wall, Friday, 4/27.

Cost is $4 single admission.

For additional information, call 607-777-4998.