BINGHAMTON, NY – Binghamton University Associate Professor of Biological Sciences Julian Shepherd was recently awarded the Supercommuter Distinction award, by PlanetBike, a major producer of bicycle products. The recognition as defined by PlanetBike honors individuals who ride through every season, in all types of weather, day and night, and simply prefer to ride a bike instead of a car.

Shepherd was nominated as a perfect example of the dedication a supercommuter embodies by friend and colleague, Matthew Johnson, who notes: “The only time I saw him not go to work on a bike is when there was so much snow that he skied to work instead.”

For the past 48 years, Shepherd has made commuting by bike part of his life and as a year-round rider, faces all sorts of weather challenges. A resident of Binghamton, New York, Shepherd has been a fan of the bicycle’s simplicity since childhood, which was spent in England. For decades, he has continued his passion for riding, and while he never had the desire to pursue racing or touring, Shepherd has always used a bike as his primary means of transportation. What started as an easy and inexpensive way to get around while in grad school in the 1960s has become an almost daily ritual.

Shepherd takes on his daily 7-mile commute aboard a Jamis cyclocross bike and although he isn’t anti car, he often lets the auto commuters he shares the road with, know why he’s riding his bike. “I like to wear a t-shirt designed by Earth Day students which has ‘ONE LESS CAR’ printed across the back, “says Shepherd. “Although it is not the best use of English, it sure gets the point across.”     

About PlanetBike:
PlanetBike was founded in Madison, Wisconsin. Its mission is to help bring about positive change for people, their communities, and the environment.