BINGHAMTON, NY – Binghamton University alum Barry Kuhle ‘97, assistant professor for psychology at the University of Scranton, will host a discussion titled, “The Evolution of Jealousy, with clips from Cheaters, Closers and Chris Rock,” at 5 p.m. Monday, Oct. 15, in room G-008 of the Academic A building, on campus. This event is free and open to the public.

Kuhle will discuss two of his research projects on sex differences in the nature of jealousy-fueled interrogations and mitigations (Kuhle, 2011; Kuhle, Smedley, & Schmitt, 2009).  Kuhle will talk about the ways in which men and women differ when inquiring about a partner’s infidelity and in the ways they respond to inquiries about their own infidelities. Kuhle will provide illustrative examples from popular culture, including scenes from the motion picture Closer and the reality program Cheaters.

Kuhl’s research focuses on the evolved psychological mechanisms that underlie commitment and jealousy in romantic relationships. He is also interested in the evolution and development of both sexual fluidity and reproductive senescence in women.

This discussion is sponsored by the Binghamton University Evolutionary Studies Program (EvoS).

For additional information, contact Hadassah Head at hhead1@binghamton.edu.