BINGHAMTON, NY – Binghamton University’s Community Engagement Road Map Team has created an online survey for members of the community to give input into the team’s strategic plan.

The University’s Road Map initiative, led by President Harvey Stenger, is meant to create a structured plan for the University’s growth moving forward. There are nine Road Map teams made up of faculty, students, and community leaders, each focused on advancing a particular area of academic and operational excellence. Teams include Student Success, Philanthropy, Diversity and Inclusiveness, Creative Activities and Research, Infrastructure, Community Engagement, Rankings and Reputation, Global Engagement, and Advanced Learning. Each team is responsible for creating a budget proposal that outlines its initiatives, innovations, and ideas and determines which require base funding, one-time funding, or further study. The final proposals, submitted in December, will decide the University's future budgeting decisions.

The Community Engagement Team has finalized a five-year and 20-year statement that outlines its vision for the future of Binghamton University. The five-year vision works to ensure that the short-term goals of the University are consistent with the long-term goals, stating that the University will enable a commitment to community engagement through curricular activities, outreach, and partnerships. The 20-year vision sees the University as exemplifying mutually beneficial civic, social, cultural and economic engagement with its local state, national and global communities.

The team hopes to use community members’ survey responses, as well as the five-year and 20-year visions for the university, to develop ideas, initiatives, and innovations to implement at Binghamton University.

To access the Community Engagement Team’s survey, visit http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/RCXBV6Z.  The survey will close Friday, Nov. 2.