Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory

The Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory is a cadaver-free, cutting-edge teaching space that supports graduate physical therapy and undergraduate nursing and health science anatomy and physiology education at Binghamton University. 

The state-of-the-art, digitally enhanced and model-simulated laboratory incorporates the following technology:

  • Anatomage virtual dissecting tables
  • Full-size SynDaver silicone musculoskeletal body models
  • BIOPAC human physiology teaching systems
  • Numerous anatomical models of organs, bones, limbs and joints

The extensive teaching space is equipped with four wall-mounted monitors for displaying instructional images and content, while the rolling tables throughout contribute to the fluid floor plan of this customizable teaching lab, making it ideal for both anatomy and physiology instruction at Binghamton University.

Located in Room 108 of Academic Building B on Binghamton University’s Vestal campus, the lab encompasses 1,623 square feet: a 1,328-square-foot instruction area and small storage/office area.

The lab can accommodate 36 students.

Satellite lab at Health Sciences Building

  • A mini lab is located on the sixth floor of the Health Sciences Building on Binghamton University’s Johnson City campus, next to the Division of Physical Therapy faculty/staff offices.
  • The space features a single SynDaver mannequin and one Anatomage cadaver table.
  • The mini lab can be used for small group breakouts, as well as study space where students can review information or increase their knowledge.

Funded by a Decker Foundation grant

The equipment in the Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory was funded by a grant from the Dr. G. Clifford and Florence B. Decker Foundation.


Academic Building B, Room 108