Pass/Fail Policy

Spring 2020: Decker Undergraduate Pass/Fail Policy Advising Notes:

  • Courses completed with a pass/fail grading option will not fulfill prerequisites, or major degree requirements. 
  • You are expected to consult with a professional advisor to discuss the impacts of changing your course grading option prior to making any changes.
  • If, after consultation, you choose to take prerequisites or major degree requirements pass/fail you must repeat the course and achieve the minimum passing letter grade, which may delay your graduation.
  • Elective credits, with the exception of the required nursing elective, may be taken pass/fail.
  • General education credit will be awarded for courses completed pass/fail. 
  • Students completing the forensic health minor may use the pass/fail option for those courses taken beyond the requirements for their nursing degree. However, they must maintain the 3.0 GPA required for the minor.

Decker's Division of Advising and Academic Excellence is offering virtual walk-in advising with professional advisors. View Decker's events webpage for a full list of times, advisors and Zoom meeting IDs. We are also answering our main phone line remotely at 607-777-4954 and always answering email. Please contact us as soon as possible if you are considering any changes to your course grading options.