About Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical and computer engineering are dynamic fields that have greatly affected the world we live in. From the smallest nanoscale devices to large power systems spanning entire continents to communications networks blanketing the planet, electrical and computer engineers have played a leading role in shaping many of the greatest engineering achievements of the 20th century.

Still, you can't turn on the news today without hearing about the major challenges we face in areas such as healthcare, cybersecurity and energy. Our students and faculty are performing groundbreaking research to find solutions to some of these challenges. Our alumni will be among these leaders, researching and developing solutions that make lives better.

What is electrical engineering
and what is computer engineering?

Electrical and computer engineering are closely related fields, both rooted in mathematics, science and engineering. Students trained to be electrical or computer engineers can pursue careers in information assurance, microelectronics and computer networks, communications, controls and signal processing.

Electrical engineering deals specifically with the study and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism in areas that affect power, electronics, control systems, signal processing and telecommunications.

Computer engineering combines both electrical engineering and computer science and involves software design and hardware-software integration.

We design wireless and fiber optic systems to improve telecommunications, consumer electronics and medical imaging systems. We also analyze and design software and hardware to integrate into larger systems. We're changing your world.

Our students can earn degrees in both electrical or computer engineering at the undergraduate and master's levels, or a doctorate in electrical engineering.

Educational Mission and Goals

Through high-quality educational and research programs, the department serves and enriches society, advances knowledge and prepares graduates to excel, innovate and lead.

Our mission is service to the instruction and discipline of electrical and computer engineering; research to advance and aid in the economic development of the state and country; and service the university, region, state and country.

Our students can earn degrees in electrical or computer engineering at the undergraduate level, as well as earn a master's or a doctorate in electrical and computer engineering.

ECE Advisory Board Members

Industrial Advisory Board

Michael Carson
R&D Engineering Manager
Hubbell Inc.  

Bryan Cole
Senior Manager – Electrical Power Engineering

Daniel Crimmins
Chief Engineer, Advanced Airborne Electronic Warfare (A2EW)
Lockheed Martin Corp. 

Fernando Goncalves
Director of Research & Development Services
Raymond Corp.

Robert Hess
Naval Nuclear Laboratory

Mary Leigh (“ML”) Holub
Retired Chief Engineer
Collins Aerospace

Chad Houston
Discipline Director, Systems Engineering
CAS/PPS Business Areas
Electronic Systems
BAE Systems

Student Advisory Board

Christopher Charitos, BS CoE ’22, MS ‘23

Lily Demanuel, BS CoE ‘23

Liam Flynn, BS CoE ‘23

Daniel Iacobacci, BS CoE ‘22, MS ‘23

Dillon Kane, BS CoE ’22, MS ‘23

Adrian Kulesza, BS EE ’21, MS ‘22

Amit Madan, BS EE ’21, MS ‘22

Ethan Man, BS CoE ‘23

Anthony Piccinone, BS CoE ‘23

Noah Schmid, BS EE ‘23

Lucas Shea, BS CoE ’21, MS ‘22