Klotzkin Lab

Professor Klotzkin's research interests are in the field of optoelectronics, particularly active photonic devices, including:

  • High-speed telecommunications lasers
  • Free space modulating retroreflectors
  • Integrated opto-electronic devices
  • Quantum dot lasers and laser dynamics
  • Photonic-band-gap based devices
  • Organic luminescent devices
  • Microfluorescence detectors

Featured Research Tool

Glaparex, created by the Klotzkin group

  • Based on Laparex
  • Fits measured distributed feedback laser spectra to extract coupling parameters, gain, index and all other quantities
  • All variables can be fixed or allowed to be optimized
  • Estimates single mode yield and slope efficiency distribution
  • Models partially grated and quarter-wave-shifted devices

Download here as a stand-alone application

Prior Work

  • A green organic luminescent device based on organic molecular transitions.
  • A red organic luminescent device based on atomic rare-earth emission.
  • Simulation of a combination of a conventional waveguide with a PBG mirror for small area, low loss mirrors
  • Patterned Bragg reflector/conventional waveguide interface
  • A 10 GB/s eye pattern from an integrated spot-size-converted laser demonstrating a wide-open eye.
  • A cross-sectional SEM of an integrated directly modulated, distributed telecommunications laser with a spot-size converter showing: a) a junction between active and spot-size-converter region, b) back-facet side, and c) front-facet side
  • Polarizer grid array made with interference lithography on a 50micron scale illuminated with polarized 1.55 micron light.