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EOP Alumni Council

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The EOP has been in existence at Binghamton University since 1968, and has an ever-growing alumni population of over 5,000. An official EOP alumni council was formed in 2015 to provide support to the current students and provide networking opportunities for EOP alumni and students. Contact our office to learn more about the activities of the EOP alumni council.
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2015-2018 EOP Alumni Council members

John Benson
Natalie Bledman '97
Robert Davis '94
Yohansa Fernandez '08
Sheldon Fields '91, MS '95
Calvin Gantt '92
Katrina Huffman '96
John Kelly Jr. '90, MA '97
Bob Lanier
Hielly Martinez '03
Frank Okyere '09
Tonya Parris '92
Kimberly Reed '97
Taris T. Rodney '08
Griselda Rodriguez '03
Rafael Rodriguez '90, MA '98
Edwin Torres '10, MS '14
Lea Webb '04
Shawanda Weems '98
Leo Wilton '93
Nicole Yearwood '97, MPA '98

Last Updated: 7/25/16