TEDx Binghamton University 2024

TEDxBinghamtonUniversity: Odyssey is about breaking barriers and trailblazing forward towards a new future.

In the spirit of Odysseus from Homer's epic, our six speakers: Erin Reed, Johnny Stanton, Eden Robbins, Madelyn Fried, Riya Bolander, and Yan Chen will share their voyage of overcoming their obstacles and finding their place in the world. We will also be joined by an on campus group for an intermission performance.

All audience members will also be given the opportunity to network with our speakers at the meet and greet after the event.

As they explore the uncharted territories in their lives and careers, we wish to inspire, enlighten, and motivate our audience and spread the message of perseverance and courage. As the protagonists of our own lives, join TEDxBinghamtonUniversity in the Chamber Hall to embark on a journey!

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