HEERF II - CRRSAA Act Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds

Binghamton University received Student Aid funding under the CRRSSAA section 314(a)(1) program.  This program, with some changes, provides supplemental funds to the CARES Act section 18004(a)(1) program.  

Binghamton University signed and returned to the Education Department (ED) a Certification and Agreement as required under the CARES Act section 18004(a)(1) program.  We acknowledge that by drawing down the CRRSAA funds, our institution agrees to be bound by the conditions set forth in the CRRSAA Supplemental Agreement including using 100 percent of the funds to provide emergency aid grants to student.   

Binghamton University has or will receive a total of $6,803,666 in Student Aid funding.    

The total amount of emergency grants distributed to students is $6,631,510.*

*The remaining HEERF II funding of $172,156 was rolled into and distributed as part of HEERF III.  

The estimated total number of students eligible to participate/total number of students who received an emergency grant is 4,827 students. 

Award Methodology

Under the CRRSAA and ARP (a)(1) programs, student portion funds must be used to provide financial aid grants to students (including students exclusively enrolled in distance education) which may be used for any component of the student's cost of attendance or for emergency costs that arise due to coronavirus, such as tuition, food, housing, health care (including mental health care) , or child care.  In making financial aid grants to students, an institution of higher education must prioritize grants to students with exceptional need, such as student who receive Pell Grants. 

The method used to determine how much a student will receive in emergency grants is provided in the SUNY template below. 

Student Award Chart
Award Amount per EFC Range and Full-Time/Part-Time Status
  100% 75% 50% 25%
EFC Range 0-1,500 1,501-2,900 2,901-4,300 4,301-5,711
Full-Time Student Awards $1,480 $1,295 $1,110 $925
Part-Time Student Awards $1,110 $925 $740 $555

Instructions/guidance were provided to students via email notification to their BU email address, and is as follows:    

Dear (student’s first name),

In response to the coronavirus pandemic, funds have been made available through the CRRSAA Act to award emergency grants to students for expenses related to any component of the student’s cost of attendance or for emergency costs that arise due to coronavirus. Eligible expenses include tuition, food, housing, health care (including mental health care), or childcare.

Binghamton University has deemed you eligible to receive an emergency grant in the amount of (Award Amount).  This is not a loan and will not need to be paid back and will not affect your financial aid award amount for academic year 2020-2021.  Students must understand it is their responsibility to notify Financial Aid and Student Records by sending an email to finaid@binghamton.edu if they will not incur expenses that meet or exceed the amount of their emergency grant.

No action is needed on your part to collect these funds. Direct deposit payments will be deposited into your bank account within 3-5 business days.  If you are not registered for direct deposit, paper check payments will be available for pickup at the Office of Student Accounts. You will receive an email when the check is available to be picked up.

Not sure if you have direct deposit? Contact the Office of Student Accounts at 607-777-2702 to review your direct deposit record.

With best wishes,
Amber Stallman
Assistant Provost for Student Success
Director, Financial Aid and Student Records
Binghamton University

HEERF Institutional Funds

Below is the required quarterly reporting for HEERF Institutional Funds made available through CARES, CRRSAA, and the ARP:

9/30/2020 Quarterly HEERF Institutional Report (HEERF I - CARES) - Final

3/31/2021 Quarterly HEERF Institutional Report (HEERF I - CARES, HEERF II - CRRSAA)

6/30/2021 Quarterly HEERF Institutional Report (HEERF I - CARES, HEERF II - CRRSAA)