The Ross fund

Established in 1998, the Stephen David Ross University and Community Projects Fund is administered through the Center for Civic Engagement with the goal of fostering effective working partnerships between Binghamton University and the community.

Coordinating Committee

The Community Projects Fund coordinating committee is made up of five members: two from Broome County or the surrounding area, two University faculty and/or staff, and a chair. The coordinating committee implements the charitable purpose of the University and Community Projects Fund, and meets annually to review grant applications and make awards.

Donor Biography

Stephen David Ross — distinguished research professor emeritus of philosophy, interpretation, and culture (PIC) and comparative literature — founded the PIC doctoral program and is the author of many articles and books. His most recent titles include: The World as Aesthetic Phenomenon; Unforgetting: Recalling Time Lost; Enchanting: Beyond Disenchantment; Asking, for Telling, by Doing, As if Betraying; Unsettling: Asking, Telling, Doing, Betraying; and Betraying Derrida, for Life, Perhaps.