Frequently asked questions

Interested in finding out more about why you should give and how your donations make a difference? 

  • How does my support make a difference? 

    Binghamton University is advancing as a premier public university thanks to generous contributions from donors, alumni and friends who give their time, expertise, financial support or all the above to ensure our University continues to thrive. Your help makes it possible for Binghamton to keep offering stellar academic programs, meaningful research opportunities and high-impact learning experiences that challenge and inspire our students, faculty and entire campus community. Together we are better.

  • What about smaller gifts?

    Your participation makes a difference. Just $25 can purchase a new library book or slides, or petri dishes for a chemistry lab. A $100 gift can help a student conduct research for an honors thesis. A contribution of $500 can support an internship or provide a stipend to a graduate student. And when combined with thousands of other gifts, Binghamton University has essential support to hire outstanding faculty, offer merit scholarships and meet a multitude of other critical, ongoing needs.

  • Is my gift tax deductible?

    Yes, the Binghamton University Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. Gifts to the Foundation in support of Binghamton University are therefore tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

  • Can I make an anonymous gift?

    Yes, donors can choose to remain anonymous. We respect a donor’s stated wish for privacy.

  • Can I make a gift in honor of a family member or friend?

    Endowments and scholarships are often named in honor of a family member or friend. Also, naming opportunities for classrooms, gathering spaces, laboratories and buildings are available for donors who wish to honor or memorialize their loved ones in this manner.

  • What is an endowment?

    A charitable gift designated as an endowment is managed and invested by the Binghamton University Foundation. A portion of the earnings is then used to fund the scholarship or program for which it is designated.

    An endowment preserves capital, overcomes inflation and provides long-term, reliable income to support Binghamton University. For example, a $100,000 scholarship gift might be awarded to deserving students at $5,000 per year — meaning the scholarship fund will be depleted in 20 years. But if that $100,000 were used to establish an endowment, the gift would be invested and a portion of the earnings used to award scholarships. Another portion would be used to increase the principal and offset investment costs. The endowment would continue to grow over time, supporting the scholarship or program for as long the University exists.

  • What is the Telefund? 

    Our Telefund callers are dedicated, energized students who call alumni, parents and friends of Binghamton University to keep you informed.

    They provide campus updates, answer questions, update your information in our system and ask for your support. 

    The phone number you will see on your caller ID is 607-777-4141 or 607-777-6209.

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