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Graduate and Teaching Assistant Leave Record Instructions

Provisions under the GSEU Agreement

The Agreement of Understanding between New York and the Graduate Student Employees Union includes the following provisions:

Employees shall be required to certify their presence and record any absences on forms to be provided by the state. Employees shall also be required to record on such forms any charges for leave for personal illness (PI). Leave for personal illness may be granted in units of one-quarter day or greater.

After one semester of state service, employees may be granted leave for personal illness. A maximum number of five days may be granted during any one year agreement (July 1 - June 30) for absences due to temporary disability.

With prior notice and approval, some or all of the five (5) days provided during any one year agreement may be used for absences due to substantiated illness or death in the employee's immediate family (FI).

Employees with one semester of service will be credited with five days of sick leave per agreement year. Since leave credits do not accumulate from year to year, accruals carry forward from a fall semester to the following spring semester, but not from a spring semester to the following fall semester.

Completing your Leave Record:

  • Please circle any dates on which sick leave or family sick leave as used, entering "PI" for personal illness or "FI" for family illness.
  • Use 1 for each full day used, and the appropriate decimal (.25 .50 .75) for each partial day and tally as indicated.
  • Your signature at the end of each month certifies your presence for the month, except on those days for which you indicated a charge to your accruals.
  • At the end of each month, ask your faculty supervisor to confirm a review of your Attendance and Sick Leave Record by signing and dating the monthly record.
  • Send or bring your leave record to Human Resources

Graduate and Teaching Assistant Time Records



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