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UUP Hourly and non-exempt Professionals 

In accordance with the Policies of the Board of Trustees and the Agreement between the State of New York and UUP, employees are required to complete and submit attendance records.

UUP Agreement §23.9 Attendance Records

Employees shall be required to certify their presence and record any absences on forms to be provided by the State. Employees shall also be required to record on such forms any charges to or accruals of vacation or sick leave credits. Such forms shall be submitted to the College President, or designee, for review on a bi-weekly basis.

Accrual Rates

Family Illness or Bereavement

FLSA Non-Exempt Instructions and Timesheets 

Hourly Timesheets

Hourly Timesheet Instructions

Leave Information

Maximum Balances

UUP Hourly Professionals Timesheets

UUP Hourly Professionals are currently required to submit paper time records but will be transitioning to the online system in the future.  Click here for additional information.

UUP Hourly Accruals/Timesheet Information Form

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Time Record Instructions

  • Carry forward balances from your previous time record and enter them in the proper category (vacation, sick leave, etc) -
  • Charge time in quarter day increments only (.25, .50, .75 and 1.0) Round to the nearest increment listed.
  • Employees should complete their timesheet on a bi-weekly basis and submit it to their supervisor for signature approval.
  • PLEASE be sure to check your math each month - most errors are the result of this.
  • Forward the ORIGINAL timesheet to Human Resources at the end of each bi-weekly pay  period. Please keep a copy for your records.

Part-time professionals have a few additional instructions

  • Schedule:  Indicate your work schedule and your percentage of effort (FTE) in the comments box located on the time record (mandatory for holiday accruals).
  • Holiday Leave:  As per the New York State Time and Attendance rules, part-time employees eligible to earn paid Holiday Leave only will do so if they would be regularly scheduled to work on the holiday.
  • Saturday/Sunday Holidays: Benefits-eligible part-time professionals, eligible to observe holidays: shall be granted a compensatory day off when any holiday indicated herein falls on a Saturday or Sunday: (New Year's Day; Martin Luther King Day, Lincoln's birthday; Washington's birthday; Memorial Day; Independence Day; Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans' Day; Election Day, Thanksgiving Day and Christmas Day).
    • If a Sunday holiday is observed on a Monday, you will observe the holiday on Monday if it is a regularly scheduled workday.
    • If Monday is not a regularly scheduled workday, and you are benefits eligible, you will accrue a day of holiday compensatory time.

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Accrual Rates

Full-Time Non Exempt

Full-time calendar year and college year employees hired prior to July 1, 1982 earn vacation and sick leave at the rate of 1.75 days/month.

Full-time employees hired after that date earn as follows:

Years of Service      Rate

0-1 years earn 1.25 days per month
2 years earn 1.33, 1.33, 1.34 pattern days per month
3,4,5 years earn 1.50 days per month
6 years earn 1.66, 1.67, 1.67 pattern days per month
7 years earn 1.75 days per month

NOTE: In the above chart, Years of Service 0,1 apply to the first 12 months of service. At the beginning of the second year of service (Years of Service 2; 13 through 24 months of service) the accrual rate increases to the 1.33, 1.33, 1.34 pattern.

Hourly or Part-Time Non-Exempt Professionals

Part-time calendar and college year employees earn vacation and sick leave as follows:

Salary      Rate

up to $13,243 earn .25 days per month
$13,244 - $19,981 earn .50 day per month
$19,982 - $26,718 earn 1.0 day per month
$26,719 or higher earn 1.25 days per month

The values above will be accurate only for the current contract year (July 2014 through June 2015). Values for other contract years, future or past, should be requested from HR or refer to the UUP agreement.

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Maximum Accrual Balances

  • By December 31st of each calendar year vacation balances may not exceed 40 days;
  • Maximum allowable sick leave balance at any time is 200 days;
  • Holidays must be used within one (1) year of accrual, therefore the maximum holiday balance allowable is 12.
  • The maximum number of vacation days a professional employee may be paid for upon separation is 30 days.

The values on this page will be accurate only for the current contract year (July - June). Values for other contract years, future or past, should be requested from HR or found in the UUP agreement.

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Family Illness or Bereavement

The Policies of the Board of Trustees and the UUP Agreement allow employees to use up to thirty (30) days of sick leave per agreement year for absences necessitated by a death or illness in the employee's immediate family; such days are recorded as "family sick leave" (FS).

Further information regarding leaves may be found in the UUP Agreement, Article 23; the Policies of the Board of Trustees, Article XIII; and the Handbook for Faculty and Professional Staff. Questions about sick leave procedures may be directed to the Office of Human Resources.

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Calendars of Legal Holidays Calendars

Click here for legal holiday calendars 

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Leave Information

Click here for leave information for each of our employment categories. 

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FLSA Non-Exempt Employees

Instructions for Completing Compensatory Credits Policy form

Please note:  Employees that fall into the non-exempt category will be notified by a Human Resources staff member of their FLSA non-exempt status at the beginning of employment.

Complete the timesheet only if you have worked in excess of 40 hours in a given week.

To compute Compensatory Time, multiply by 1.5 all hours worked in excess pf 40 hours each week. Example: The first week of the pay period you worked 46 hours. This is 6 hours of overtime. Multiply 6 hours by 1.5 for a total of 9 hours Compensatory Time earned that week.

You can not be paid overtime until 240 hours of Compensatory Time has been accrued. Once you have accrued 240 hours, you will be paid all overtime in excess of the 240 hours of Compensatory Time.

Your supervisor MUST approve all overtime in advance.

Forward the original copy of your timesheet to the Human Resources Office, AD244, each month along with your Professional Service Record of Attendance. Retain a copy for your files.


FLSA non-exempt professional service compensatory credits

Professional Non-Exempt Timesheets, Part-Time and Full-Time (U/P/NE) and (U/F/NE)

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Last Updated: 9/18/18