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Marvin Diaz

Associate Professor



Deficits in emotional processing are seen in some of the most common psychiatric disorders, such as anxiety, which is highly co-morbid with substance abuse. Importantly, the prevalence of both anxiety disorders and substance abuse in early life is on the rise. Therefore, Diaz's lab's primary focus is to understand the long-lasting neurobiological, neurophysiological and behavioral alterations that result from various insults during early development. To examine mechanisms underlying dysfunctional neurocircuits related to altered behaviors, they use whole-cell patch-clamp electrophysiology, molecular techniques and optogenetics to assess changes in neuronal function at the molecular, cellular and network level.


  • PhD, MA, Wake Forest University School of Medicine
  • BS, University of NC at Wilmington

Research Interests

  • Fetal alcohol
  • alcoholism
  • synaptic transmission
  • emotional processing
  • anxiety


  • Gordon Conference Carl Storm underrepresented Minority Fellowship Award
  • SUNY Faculty Diversity Award
  • Dean’s Research Semester Award

Research Profile