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Report any suspicious email or tech issue to Visit the SECURITY page for more info.

Top Ten Security Tips

1. Back up your data! Use Google Drive, external or thumb drive, and/or save to the cloud.
2. Create and remember strong passwords: Don't use personal info. for passwords - it is best to use a password generator, a favorite lyric from a song, a favorite person or thing, a superhero, etc. - substitute numbers for letters (ex. 5uperm0n is my her0).
3. Do not download from unknown sources. Double check your sources before clicking on any link.
4. Do not reply to e-mails requesting login or bank account information.
5. Install anti-virus software. Visit the Security page for more info.
6. Regularly update your operating system and software applications.
7. Remove malware, spyware, and viruses.
8. Control access to your computer.
9. Protect sensitive data.
10. Stay informed.

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