Human Sexualities Lab

Binghamton Human Sexualities Lab

The Binghamton Human Sexualities Lab takes a sex-positive and interdisciplinary approach to current and important questions related to human sexuality broadly defined, including sexual behavior, sexual health, sexual identity, attitudes toward sex, sex education, sex-related stigma, and sexual risk-taking. We collaborate regularly with researchers across the Binghamton University campus and with colleagues at other research institutions. Every semester, for the past 10+ years, we have provided mentorship to around 15-30 highly motivated undergraduate researchers from a variety of academic and social backgrounds.

Our Approach

Sex Lab explores a multitude of topics related to human sexuality using a variety of methodological approaches. One of our strengths is the interdisciplinary nature of our faculty and students; considering complex topics from multiple perspectives enhances our research questions and enriches our data analysis. In general, we aim to theoretically ground our research using previous literature, but at the same time, we are not afraid to ask novel questions! Click here to learn more.

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