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Latin American and Caribbean Area Studies Program  

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Call for Proposals!

Breaking Down Walls:  Research, Resistance, and Power

Fifth Biennial Undergraduate Conference

Saturday, March 28, 2020

Binghamton University Downtown Center


The Latin American and Caribbean Area Studies (LACAS) Program at Binghamton University, State University of New York, invites undergraduate college students to submit proposals for original research and creative presentations at our biennial research conference.   Students enrolled in any college or university are invited to submit proposals, which can be for works in progress or completed projects.  We welcome submissions on all topics related to Latin America, the Caribbean, and people of Latin American and Caribbean diasporas in any subject area.  We particularly welcome projects that students have undertaken as part of their capstone seminars, advanced coursework, or theses.  

This year's theme is Breaking Down Walls:  Research, Resistance, and Power.  We refer to walls both material and metaphorical, physical and conceptual.   Walls can divide, exclude, control, imprison, and repress, yet walls also protect and shelter.  They can denote possession and dispossession. Walls can be built, scaled, or breached.   They support structures, both physical and social.   Walls imply permanence and clarity, but the spaces around and underneath walls often shift, undermining their foundations.  Breaking down walls can be a form of resistance against the power they support and shield.  We resist walls, but walls can also support and empower us. 

Presentations might address topics related to borders, identities, ecologies, migrations, diasporas, ethnicities, policing, human rights, climate change, indigenous peoples, violence, displacements, media, social movements, labor, indigeneity, sexualities, incarceration, histories, memory, resistance, language, gender, race, colonialism, and more.

The conference encourages students to think of yourselves as active producers of knowledge about the past and present, out of which we generate alternatives for the future.  Research can resist and empower.  We take what we learn in our research, classes, and personal experiences to think deeply and creatively about important questions facing us today.

Please submit a brief (about 200 word) abstract of your fifteen-minute conference presentation, with your name, presentation title, major, preferred pronouns, and college/university via email to by January 15, 2020.  



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