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2018 Summer Online Classes: 

LACS 380G: Food in Latin America 

(Online, Summer Session I)

This course will explore culture, consumption, production and trade of foods produced in the Caribbean and Latin America.The question students will consider throughout this course is: how can we understand local customs and consumption habits in relation to global trade? We will begin with the Columbian Exchange and theTriangle Trade, and will examine the way trade between Western Europe, Africa and the Americas influenced production and consumption. This course will explore the ways that a history of monocultural production for a global market, slavery and industrialization affected present-day customs and dietary habits. For example, the cultivation of sugar and coffee in the Americas was a key factor in the industrial revolution in Europe and North America. At the same time, plantation production of such commodities provided the setting for slave rebellions, including the Haitian Revolution. More recently, the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) has affected the farming of corn in Mexico in relation to global trading forces in the U.S. and Canada.

Gen Eds: C, G, N

Instructor: Manuel Varo Lopez


LACS 380E: Gentrification and Race in NYC

 (Online, Summer Session II)

Neighborhoods in cities like New York City are undergoing a process known as gentrification. In various media outlets, gentrification is described as a process of middle- and upper-income tenants moving into areas that were previously poverty-stricken; small businesses that once served the local communities have been forced to relocate or shut down; various social conflicts arise out of demographic changes. This class will explore the complex historical processes that define gentrification. We will analyze the process of gentrification in relationship to crisis-driven urbanization, "disaster capitalism," various urban planning processes and institutions, as well as to local city politics. We will pay close attentions to the lived experiences of the Latino, Asian, and Black communities in various urban spaces in the periods after the September 11, 2001 attacks. Case studies covered in this class will include Harlem, East Harlem, Chinatown/Lower East Side, South Bronx and East New York, among others. Comparisons will be made to other cities in the Americas, analyzed from a world-historical perspective.

Gen. Eds: C, N, P

Instructor: Kai Wen Yang




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