LACAS Events


LACAS Events:

Café con LACAS is back! Come to our LACAS Library in LT-1110 to enjoy delicious coffee and great conversation with our faculty and LACAS students, learn about our program and get some free snacks. Everybody is welcome!

  • Dates: 1:30 to 2:30 p.m. April 18 and May 1

The LACAS Library is open from 12 to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

A LACAS student research panel runs from 2:30 to 6 p.m. April 17 in UU-111. The event features a poetry reading by Maria Luisa Arroyo, followed by presentations on "Pasillos from the Andes to la Roosevelt: How Music Creates Diaspora" by Aimee Trivino; "Formation of Identity in Diasporic Puerto Rican Communities through the Nationalist Movement of the late 20th Century" by Melanie Valentin; and "The Ramifications of Extreme Weather Events for Indigenous People" by Paula Cuba.

You can learn more about external funding opportunities through the Undergraduate Research Center. The keynote conversation, conducted by LACAS director Giovanna Montenegro, is "A Conversation with Jordan Salama."

  • Past LACAS Events


    • An open house at Homecoming celebrated LACAS' 50th anniversary.  
    • LACAS Field Trip to NYC: "No existe un mundo poshuracán: Puerto Rican Art in the Wake of María"  which highlighted questions of environmental justice and ongoing colonialism (the first exhibit focused on Puerto Rican Art in a major museum in 50 years), and, in honor of women's history month, Repertorio Theatre's adaptation of Isabel Allende's Eva Luna, in Spanish with English supertitles.


    • Pasados y Futuros: Una Historia de LACAS


    • Café con LACAS (weekly event)
    • Screening of Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am (speaker: Carole Boyce Davies)
    • Faculty/Graduate Student/Staff Potluck
    • Drug War Capitalism: Corporate Power, Capital Accumulation and U.S. Drug Enforcement Policy Making (Speaker: Horace Bartilow)
    • Taina Asili y la Banda Rebelde (Free Concert)
    •  ¡Retumba! Echoes of a Sacred Legacy! The Popping workshop: M.A.Z.E. (Movement Activates Zoedic Energy) (Speaker: Jorge "Pop Master Fabel" Pabon)


    • Café con Leche (weekly event)
    • Lessons from El Salvador: The Crisis of Migration  (Speaker: Zulma Tobar of US - El Salvador Sister Cities & Bernardo Belloso, President of the Association for Rural Development of El Salvador, CRIPDES).
    • Fourth Biennial Undergraduate Research Conference: Activism of the Mind: Producing Knowledge of Latin America, the Caribbean, and Diasporas  (Speaker:  Xhercis Mendez) 


    • Pura Belpré: A Puerto Rican Librarian in 1920s NYC (Speaker:  Gladys Jiménez-Muñoz)
    • LACAS Open House


    • "Making Cuban Stars: Reflections on US-Cuban History and Migrations Through Baseball" (Speaker: Adrian Burgos)
    • “From Citizens to Natives: Tropical Politics of Depopulation at the  Panama Canal Zone” (Speaker: Marixa Lasso)
    • “An Island in the Modern World: On Coexistance in Hispaniola” (Speaker: Silvio Torres-Saillant)
    • "Remapping Chinese Medicine Overseas: The Case of Peru" (Speaker: Patricia Palma)
    • "La batalla de los Invisibles: Indocumentados vs. supermercados" - Film Screening (Speaker: Manuel de Alba)
    • "The Currency of Créolité in the Francophone Caribbean" (Speaker: Lydie Moudileno)
    • Third Biennial Undergraduate Research Conference (Speaker: Gladys Jimenez- Muños)
    • "From Amazons to Zombies: The Monstrous Caribbean" (Speaker: Persephone Braham)
    • "Housing is a Human Right! The Dignified Fight for Homes in Mexico City and Beyond" (Speaker: Luis Saracho, Union de vecionos damnificados 19 de septiembre and Mexico Solidarity Network)

    For more information about events from 2015 - 2004 please contact the department.